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Finding the right hair extensions in this digital era can be quite grueling if you don’t know the right place to look. With a lot of scheming sellers nowadays who are ripping money off their customers by selling low quality products for large amounts, how do you prevent this? It’s simple educate yourself. Know what you want and how to get them. Learn everything you can about the product you wanted to purchase.

Straight long hair

What is that very reason for wanting to buy the hair extensions? This can impact on what type of extensions would be the right one for you. Because there are non-permanent and semi-permanent hair extensions. If you just wanted it for a certain ocassion you can have the clip-in ones or if you’re wanting something that you can wear for a longer period then you have several options.

Semi-permanent extensions incldes tape, skin weft, micro bead(I Tip), machine weft, micro bead weft (eze weft) and U Tip extensions. These techniques have the same function, to add length and volume to your hair they only differ in the method of application. You can set an appointment with a professional hairdresser to get an idea on which among the method best suit you.

Or you can do your own research on each of the methods, but just to give you an inkling on what and how they are done here is a short description of each methods mentioned above.


Clip-in is the only temporary method in hair extensions and it is attached to the hair using micro clips for easy fastening of extensions to the natural hair. This type is the easiest and fastest to affix and remove. A very convenient way of changing your looks in a few minutes.


Tape extensions is the most popular type of extensions because they are inconspicuous and comfortable. They are the fastest to install and remove as it only takes half an hour to an hour to do them. Women love them because they lie flat to your head and are not bulky.

Skin weft

This is similar to tape, the only difference is that the tape color mimics that of the scalp or skin to make them look like the hair is growing out from the scalp.

Micro bead (I Tip)

Silicone micro bead are used to attach the extensions to your natural hair. While it is a labor intensive method, it is a perfect solution for those wanting highlights or lowlights without subjecting the hair to damaging chemicals of hair dyes.

Machine weft

Machine weft is string like weft that is sewn together by a special sewing machine. It is sturdy, strong and can be cut without worrying for the extensions to unravel. This is not for very fine or thin hair. They are usually attach near the scalp by cornrow braiding the extensions to the natural hair.

Micro bead weft

Beaded weft is a combination of micro bead and machine weft. This weft piece is attach using silicone lined beads so it is faster to install than the individual strand type. This protect your natural hair from any harm and stop slippage of extensions.

U Tip

Fusion otherwise known as Pre-bonded U Tip hair extensions is installed by using a small keratin “u” shaped tip. The keratin is a fiber protien that is found in your hair so that when you heat them it melts to form according to desired shape then hardens as it cools down. This should be down by a professional as this cannot be done on your own.

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