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Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia and hair industry here is certainly expanding. More and more Brisbane hair extensions supplier have opened all over the metropolis to cater to the hair needs of the greater population. Customers now have a lot of options for buying hair extensions making it all confusing for them especially for first timers.

Hair Extension

Aftercare for hair extensions is essential to prolonging the length of time which you can use the hair. The instructions are usually included in the packaging for easier accessibility. But are Brisbane hair extensions any different? Most extensions have more or less the same when it comes to aftercare.

Here are the useful tips for extending the hair extensions lifespan:

Rule number one for taking care of hair extensions is to avoid using heat meaning styling tools should be avoided at all cost. However, if there are ocassions that you just can’t avoid it then protect the hair with a heat protectant spray. This can be readily bought from any hair store or you can also check our heat protectant spray here.

If heat can damage the hair piece so do perming, dyeing and other hair processes that you put your hair into. Any procedure that is not natural can do great harm to your hair so if you can do it naturally then it would definitely add more life to your hair extension’s durability. Otherwise just avoid it all together.

Because the hair is already separated from the roots, hair extensions are more prone to dryness. Remember they are not receiving any nutrients like your hair does. So what can do we do to keep it well hydrated? You apply conditioner generously but avoiding the roots so as not to let the extensions slip from their original positon. Using a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner is highly recommended to keep the hair looking its best.

It is also advisable to detangle your hair prior to washing them which should only be 2-3 times per week. Wash your hair in upright position instead of tipping your head down when washing your hair as this can create tangling. Let hair dry naturally. Avoid using a blow-dryer but if needed then lower the temperature to avoid hair damage.

Always keep hair in loose braid before sleeping to avoid over tangling. This also helps in good condition.

Enjoy your Brisbane hair extensions and start exploring how you can style it like a pro!