A Brief Guide on How to Care for Clip in Hair Extensions Australia article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

How do you keep those clip in hair extensions, soft, beautiful, and strong for life? Yes, hair extensions are not permanent, but there are things that you can do to them at home to make them strong, soft, and beautiful for many, many years to come.


To maintain those beautiful tresses, we suggest that you follow these hair care pointers specially written with clip-in hair extensions in mind.


  • Brush them with care


One thing that clip-in extensions owners should realise is that hair extension should always be handled with care. In the case of brushing, make sure to brush them gently and with the use of the right comb or brush. Rough handling of clip in hair extensions will result in hair fall and serious damage.


To reduce the incidence of breakage and permanent damage to hair extension clip-ins, you should brush the strands from the bottom to top. When you buy your first ever clip coloured hair extensions, we highly recommend buying a hair extension brush, too.


  • Sleep with your extensions, without worrying about irreversible damage


Clip in hair extensions is made up of delicate hair strands. With this in mind, it is crucial that you handle them with extra care at all times. You can sleep with your gorgeous hair extensions on, but make sure to turn it into a loose braid before going to bed. By creating a braid out of your hair extensions, you are reducing the risk of unwanted hair pulling and damage not only the hair strands but cuticles, too.


  • Take glamour to the beach without worries


Most hair extension companies and beauty experts will typically recommend not to wear hair extensions when swimming. Don’t let this stop you from looking glamorous at the beach or at the pool. You may definitely wear one but be sure not to rinse your extensions immediately after swimming. This measure strips down all the chemicals that make your hair extensions shiny and healthy. Do apply some leave-in conditioner instead.


With these helpful tips on caring for your clip-in hair extensions, you can have a perfect hairstyle for many years without having to buy new extensions.  If you are looking for hair extensions Click Here and choose from our full range of tape-ins and other hair extension products. You may also reach us on 1300 489 337 for any additional enquiries.