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Your big day is drawing near but you still have not found that perfect do for your perfect wedding? Panic not, we have just the right bridal hair for you. Below are some awesome hair ideas that are easy to do that you just can’t help but love!


#Herringbone Low do

Divide your hair in 3 sections with the center bigger than the sides. Then do a herringbone braid on both side sections and tie ends with elastic bands. Roll the center part outwards until you reach your nape and pin securely. You can then pull the end of one herringbone towards the opposite end and pin firmly, and do the same on the other side. And there you have it!

braided chignon

# Braided Chignon

Easy to do yet so classy! Just section hair to 4 making sure that the inner 2 sections are thicker than the outer two sections. Braid all four sections and loosen them a bit to make it look softer. Start with the inner two by rolling it to form a flower and pin do the same to the other one. Once done with the inner two sections we can cross both sides to meet at the center top of the knot and pin on the other side.

side braided bun

#Side Braided Bun

Now this is an easy one. Just start the braid on the bigger side-part and bring it across the back of your head and roll it in a side bun and viola! You’re done.

wrap around bun

#Wrap Around Bun

Bring hair in a pony while leaving a few strands on the side. Get small section from the pony and encircle the it around the pony and repeat until all the hair is up. Divide the strands in the front of your head into two and pull each side down and pin at the back of your head beneath the bun.

gibson tuck

#Gibson Tuck

Tie your hair into a pony and tie with an elastic band. Separate hair to create a hole between the elastic band and the nape and insert hair and repeat inserting process until hair is all put up in a bun.

Feeling like a professional hair stylist after learning all these bridal hair-dos?Good luck on your hair experiment!