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Every hair tone has a corresponding innate personality attached to it. And blue hair is definitely not a natural hair colour. It is considered to be an exotic shade. Dyeing the hair to attention-seeking bright coloured hair started in Paris; and then further spread to other European cities including London.

blue velvet hair

Blue hair then became a fad after the Second World War when the Queen Mother adapted the trend. And it has been seen on some celebrities and ordinary people alike. Although it did not influence a great majority you see them once in a while everywhere and anywhere.

While I agree that hair colour means differently to different people it would be quite exciting what other people say about blue-haired people. Unnatural hair colours are associated with rebellion, attention-seeking, odd one, eccentric and so on and so forth. It may be true for others but not for everyone.

In fact natural colours are associated with a particular trait like: for blondes are known for being dumb but has changed over the years and is now seen as outspoken and sexy. Reds are mysterious, alluring, fiery, romantic, passionate and bad tempered. Brunette is appealing, attractive dependable and approachable. Black haired is known to be introspective, deep, serious, melancholic and meditative.

Some research done may back up this claim. But whether this holds to be true or not, I believe that each individual is unique; so one’s personality is not defined by one’s hair colour. There are other factors to consider that can greatly influence their traits. Factors may mostly be environmental as they help mold the “you” you have become.

I personally think that getting blue hair extensions are for those who are courageous enough to try something different and enjoy it. They are the one’s who is not afraid to embrace future with all its obscurity. So changing hair colour could actually means that you are ready for change-that you are better than you were before.

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