Blonde Wig Shopping Guide for First Timers article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

It can be a bit intimidating to shop for wigs, especially if you’re unsure about what type of style and colour will complement your face shape and features. Picking the one that perfectly suits your needs and budget does not have to be a difficult process. In this shopping guide, we will give you some pointers so you can make an informed buying decision.


  • Be open to possibilities


First-time wig shoppers tend to limit their choices to colour options nearest their original hair colour. Although this is the safest way to go about buying wigs online, you may want to explore other wig colours to change up your entire look. Blonde wigs look especially beautiful and elegant when you find the perfect blonde shade and style that match your overall look.


  • Find your cap size


If you are planning to buy blonde human hair wigs online, it’s important to get that cap size right. You want your wig to stay put all day. Getting the wrong cap size means that you may need to adjust them periodically and this may be a nuisance especially if you have a busy day ahead.


Before making a purchase, make sure to measure the circumference of your head. There are many cap size guides online. Utilise them. You don’t want to end up with an ill-fitting wig.


  • Only buy quality wigs made from human hair or Remy


If you’re looking for a blonde wig that you can use for months, or even years to come, we highly recommend that you choose human hair or Remy hair wigs. Surely, they are more expensive than wigs made from synthetic materials. The main advantage of using human hair wigs is that you can style them however you want and then wash them without worrying about fall outs or damage.


Now that you have the basics of wig shopping nailed, check our site to view our quality blonde wigs and other equally gorgeous hair accessories. For enquiries, you may reach us on +61 1300 489 337.