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They say blonde have all the fun, true or not that would depend on how you view it. Each one is different. There is not such thing like one same product that would look good on everyone that goes the same for hair tone. Therefore blonde hair is not for everyone just like any other colour. Certain colours are good for certain people. So it’s a matter of finding out which hue best fits your feature to enhance your look rather than base your choice on the shade that you personally like.

blonde tape hair extensions

Since everyone is unique then it only follows that we have different needs to. With this in mind, you will know that not everything that looks good on advertisements would look great on you too. In short, blonde would only look good on a few people. You have to consult a professional colourist to give you an idea on what hues would bring out the best in you. That is your main goal here to look good not just to go blonde.

So you must be asking the same question I am asking: why go for blonde tape hair extensions then if you don’t look good in it? First I am not a qualified colourist so I would not know what will look good on you. That is why I was recommending you to see a colourist to give a sound advice on what shade to go for.

The reasons why most women go for blonde tape hair extensions because it has been shown in studies that men are physically attracted to blonde beauties. So women who are trying to catch a man or trying to keep her man think that joining the blonde population would be the answer to that. While this might be true for some it is not for all women. If you don’t look good in blonde then this hue is not in alignment to your colouring thus releasing lower energy vibration making you look odd. Otherwise if it fits you then you will be giving off positive vibrations that will make you shine even more.

See your colourist and check if you can look sensational in blonde.