light blonde

One of the most popular and best-selling colours in human hair extensions online store is our Blonde Hair Extensions range. We have blonde colour selections such as: White Blonde, Ash Blonde, Light Blonde, Golden Blonde, Natural Blondes, Honey Blonde, Beige Blonde, Mixed Blonde—you name it, we have it. Our biggest range is in our 20 inch tape hair extension range. We have a 8 different Blonde colours in that range. These colours are extremely popular in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Simply because most of the girls in that part of Australia have blonde hair or white blonde hair. Whether it’s bleached, naturally blonde, or they’re a surfer, it is what it is. Because of this, our most popular item is our 22 inch #60 tape in hair extensions, this item literally always flies off the shelf by the time it gets to our office. We do order a lot of it so were pretty good at staying on top of demand, but sometimes the demand can be too much to handle!


Another reason why white blonde hair extensions are so popular is because a lot of girls who want to keep their hair blonde have unfortunately damaged it from bleaching it all the time. So they find it quite hard to grow a really long, thick blonde hair. So their only option is basically human hair extensions, there is nothing wrong with getting hair extensions, especially if they’re looked after, and maintained properly; then they’re absolutely fine for your hair.

I really, really like the quality of our blonde hair extensions. We even have managed to get quite a nice white Ash Blonde for the #60 which is hard to come across on the Australian market. If this still is not ashy enough for you, a bit of toner will do the trick!

We are based in Sydney Australia and offer a same day delivery service in Sydney. So all you blonde girls out there that need your hair the same day we can get it to you if you order before 10:30 AM. For most of Australia we offer a next business day delivery that is if you choose the express post option at checkout. If you need help choosing which is best one for your hair type or which blonde shade works or matches best for you, we will be more than happy to help you get that.