Confused on which blonde would go well with your colour? Dyeing your hair blonde evokes a thousand of images, from the lightest blonde highlights to total transformations. Whether you go for a platinum blonde from a dark base or simply add dimension to an already-blonde strands, allow us to share ideas on how to add fun with blonde hair. If you are ready to go all out, then you can go ahead and dye, it but if you are still unsure you can always start with a few strands with clip-in hair extensions. You buy a set and apply them randomly on your head to give you a hang of it.

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With a multitude of choices for blonde hair you might get lost and will be confused on what shade to choose. Remember, each blonde tone has a variety of sub-tone, yes, it can be a bit overwhelming, however there a few tips to guide you on this.

Girls blonde red hair colour

First is to not stray too far from your original hair colour. To be in the safe zone, always consider a shade that is two tones lighter than your own. When you apply this rule of thumb, you will not go wrong as this shade will look great on you because it is nearer to your natural hair.

You may have heard this a lot of times, but this is really critical when you are looking the perfect shade of blonde for you, to know your skin tone. There are specific shade of blonde that looks great on fair, dark or even medium skinned people. Your complexion will be a great factor in determining the right blonde for you.

The eye colouring matters also in choosing the right blonde for you. Just group the eye colouring to cool and warm and decide according to what best matches with which colour.

And lastly, what is the image or style you are after. Setting a goal on the appearance you want to achieve can make things easier for you. Is it more natural looking that you are after? Or a sun-kissed style or maybe something that is uniquely you.

Regardless of what you want, remember that when you break the rules you have to be prepared for the consequences or ask your stylist instead they know the better. Since they studied and were trained for this they can dye your hair the right blonde and save you from hair mishap.

Have a happy hair day!