Better Version of Yourself

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “attractive”? We usually tend to look at the physical side of the person, when attraction in real sense of the word actually comes from within. Although we can’t deny that we fall for someone with beautiful face which can be done with the right make up and long, wavy hair which is easy with the help of blonde extensions.

But real attraction comes from the energy within and, most often than not, is not seen at first glimpse. Feeling attractive comes from confidence we have on ourselves and is an important tool to get you what you desire in an effortless manner. This relaxed state gives you the feeling of deserving of anything you desire which in effect can make the universe cooperate by making it a reality.

This feeling also happens to make you exude positivity making others feel the same and this is the primary reason why people are drawn to you like a moth to the flame. But how can one be the best version of themselves? I say that to know this they have to look within. You have to know exactly what makes you happy. What attracts you to others? Once you know these answers we can begin to work on that.

Our goal is to reinvent yourself and become the best version of what you are in 30 days. The reason why it’s 30 days because research says it takes 21 days to form a habit and we give a leeway of another 9 days for adjustments and learning curves.

  • Embark on this journey with an open heart and mind

Before you start this challenge you have to put down all your issues and be in your most relaxed state. If you are feeling a bit down or any confusing emotions it would be best to settle it first like going to the beach, go for a nature trip or simply ride a bike in the countryside this usually gives a feeling of peacefulness. If you are feeling emotionally stable, you are more likely to bring out the best in you.

  • Involve your physical self

Everyday, for the next 30 days, do some exercise or activities that involves the whole body for at least half an hour. It does not have to be the same activities as get you bored right away. You can incorporate different workouts that are fun and exciting just to foster a strong relationship with yourself.

  • Incorporate actions when relaying a message

Using body language as you talk helps listeners to imbibe the message more accurately. A recent study done by Amy Cuddy, a social Psychologist, says that “body language can change other people’s perceptions and even our own body chemistry simply by changing body positions”. The main point here is to use body language to convey the message, not only powerfully and with competence, but with warmth and trustworthiness because the greatest ideas is worthless if people are not open to it. Trust is the channel to influence once you have addressed their fears, ideas are accepted more freely, thus you become more influential.

  • Choose healthy foods

Everybody has been raving about organic foods of how it can benefit our body more than just the ordinary fruit and veggies that we buy at the supermarket. Organic food is free from chemical and pesticides which can greatly affect our health. By eating healthy we feel and look our best.

  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and attractive

Attractive does not necessarily means showing more skin. I am talking about what styles suit you best whether it is simple or a bit trendy as long as it’s you then it would certainly look great on you. Learn your body shape to guide you which style works best for you. You can find out more about this on fashion websites or ask your friends around for feedback on what look good on you and what does not.

  • Wearing the right make up

Wearing make-up will definitely help you feel confident as it boost your self-esteem knowing that make up has magnified you best feature. A tip that most make-up artist share is that “less is more” so don’t worry about putting colours on your face. It would be best to try the nude and browns for this. This will also include the hair, of course, so try on experimenting on the different styles to accentuate your face. If you need to add volume to make you feel good you can always opt for a human hair extensions.

  • Find your passion

To tune in to your passion, you need to ask yourself what do you want to do most in your life? Do I see myself doing this my entire life? When you know the answers to these questions, you know this is your life purpose. I firmly believe that if you do what you are meant to do in this world you are at peace with yourself and the universe. And that peacefulness you feel inside will radiate in your eyes for everyone to see. This is the most important part as this will determine the energy surrounding you that others can feel. So keep your aura positive as much as possible to draw more people to you.

With these tips, I hope you will become the most attractive version of yourself!