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Why get platinum blonde? Why do women wants to get blonde hair when they want to get attention? Well fact is there are only 2% of women in the world who belong to this most-coveted shade. This explains why blondes stand out in the crowd as they are only few of them. The fewer the number the more they get attention compared to brunette.

platinum blonde clip in hair extensions

Although, light hair is still eye-catching than ever and still highly regarded as benchmark for beauty it is not for everyone. I believe that enhancing ones beauty depends on a lot of things like facial features, skin tone and your personal aura. Just like there is no one solution to any problem there is no such thing as one solution for improving ones appearance it will have to depend on what you currently have and take steps to enrich and improve on it.

Platinum or lightest blonde gives off an ethereal glow when infused with pearl iridescence but this is a best match for slight yellow undertone skin or pink or peachy complexions. This hair tone is more or less linked to fairies and the likes making it lean more on the fantasy side. This will have a dream-like quality making it more bewitching to the opposite sex.

Women who belongs to this hair shade usually have fine, limp hair so it is a great advantage for them to add more volume by getting a platinum blonde clip in hair extensions. This will amplify their looks and would be more facinating to look at. A fuller blonde haired woman is definitely have more allure than a fine, limp haired nymph.

So if you wanted to catch that dream man of yours, get that platinum blonde clip in hair extensions now to add more body to that gorgeous locks of yours!