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When you see a woman with black hair it usually is associated with being strict and exotic beings. There was even a myth that blondes are stupid, redheads have fiery personality and black-haired gals are for mistress. But all these are just unfounded bits and pieces of information scattered by blabber mouthed people.

black hair color

One thing that holds true for black hair is that they are definitely not for everyone. It is not a colour that suits anybody because it makes your face thinner and the feature sharper. Black hair is a perfect match for people with light coloured eyes like blue, green and hazel brown.

Men who love black-haired women look at them as a woman with confidence and assurance. Someone who is very much capable in handling all areas of her life.

Here are some amazing facts about black-haired people:

  • Compared to blonde hair black is a lot thicker
  • Raven haired people are more likely to be vibrant and energetic bunch
  • Unlike blondes, black hair has more carbon on it
  • The most dense compared to any other hair colour
  • Have more than 100,000 hairs
  • Black-haired men have slow growing beard compared to blonde men
  • Black hair and black skin have more pigments than that of fair-skinned and fair hair.
  • Most wealthy men prefer black-haired women
  • The most common hair colour is black
  • The cross section of black hair is usually rounded-shaped
  • Less elastic compared to light colored hair

The facts provided above are all based on information gathered online and offline. If you have anything to add to this article feel free to do so. We like hearing from you. Any information is welcome.

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