Tape In Hair Extensions is becoming increasingly popular as a fast and easy way to add length and volume to your hair. One of the primary reasons that women opt for hair extensions is to feel beautiful and confident. Every woman will agree that having long, luscious, shiny hair can instantly enhance beauty. Tape in extensions is a perfect choice! They are very easy to attach and won’t take long to remove.

Now, before you get too excited about buying your tape ins, you should be extra careful. You should know that vendors are selling low-quality tape in hair extensions. Whether you are trying to buy real hair or synthetic hair, you should be able to tell the difference. When you are investing in high-quality human hair extensions, you must be well equipped to identify authentic virgin hair from their fake, low-quality counterpart. We don’t want to have tape in extensions that fall out easily. Worst, we don’t want to have human hair extensions that frizz and tangles in a day or two. Don’t fret, since we have put together important pointers to help you with this decision, and to prevent you from making some costly mistakes. 

Here’s our quick guide on how to spot low-quality tape in extensions just for you. Make sure to keep reading and watch out!

You can see the difference in Colour and Shade

We know that it’s essential that we look for hair extensions that match our natural hair. Now, for low-quality hair extensions, you would notice a completely single-tone shade. Our natural hair is often multi-tonal, and getting single toned extensions can look unnatural in most hair types. Highlighted extensions set and provide seamless blending. They are also designed with a multi-tone effect that recreates a naturally grown hair. Premium tape in hair extensions that are made from 100% human hair should not have any issues with blending in your natural hair.

Tape In Hair Extensions Thickness Matters

There are lots of company that promises cheap Remy Hair Extensions, it could be true, but you’ll notice the difference with the bundle’s thickness. Probably the best tell-tale sign of a low-quality hair extension is ends of the hair are so thin. You can differentiate sets that have a poor composition for hair since you’ll notice short hair combination throughout the set. More often than not, this causes the ends to appear ratty and unhealthy. Though there’s a lot of consumers that prefer a layered look, if you are buying hair extensions that tapered to a point, often means its low-quality. 

Texture & feel Says it all

Synthetic extensions are more coarse than human hair, and also tangles more easily, which can create problems when you are wearing your extensions. They cannot be curled or styled, which does make it difficult to achieve seamless, natural blending. We always recommend investigating in premium quality 100% Human Remy hair for the best results!

If you really want high-quality hair extensions that last, make sure to go with Remy human hair extensions and here are some tips on how to check if your extensions are made from Remy hair:

Remy Hair

  • Can easily blend with your natural hair
  • The cuticles are aligned and sit in hair naturally
  • Soft to touch, shiny, silky feel
  • Does not tangle or mat easily
  • 100% human hair


Non-Remy Hair

  • Fails to blend to the natural hair
  • Does not sit naturally
  • Often dry and course
  • Tangles and mats
  • High chance of synthetic hair blend