cancer patient after hair extensions

With all the free radicals that we ingest every day from the foods that we take to the air that we breathe contributes to this formidable enemy cancer.

This disease that is most feared by many is so unpredictable that up until now doctors cannot pin point the exact cause.

What we can do however is avoid using products and substances which may promote the onset of cancer. With this in mind most people now are more aware of the effects of hazardous chemically-laden products that we have on the market.

So in an attempt to slowly inch away from dependence upon these unsafe products we should turn to all-natural organic items and will be a baby step in the right direction.

Now let’s get down to business of taking care of a family member who is struggling from effects of cancer.

Anemia – This is the fall of hemoglobin levels which causes you to feel the following symptoms like dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath, pale skin, nail beds mouth and gums soreness, fatigue, and fast heartbeat. To address this you have to include iron-rich foods to his or her diet, which include a dark contrast of green vegetables, sweet potatoes, prunes and raisins, dehydrated apricots and peaches, beans, meat and fish, high in fibre bread, cereal, pasta and seeds.

Fatigue – Putting chairs around the house is a great way to let the sufferer rest when they need to. Sitting down while doing simple household chores or dressing. Allowing plenty of time to travel to avoid rushing can save energy, eating nutritious snacks that provide energy. Do not forget to let them do the things they enjoy- it will distract them form their illness thus making them feel more relaxed.

Nausea and vomiting- Frequent vomiting can lead to dehydration which can be dangerous if not addressed appropriately. What to watch out for: – signs of dehydration- dizziness, weakness, or confusion. If these symptoms are observed, contact the doctor immediately.

Hair loss- Chemotherapy drugs are potent drugs that attack rapidly growing cancer cells. Unfortunately, these medications also attack other healthy cells in your body — including those in your hair roots. Now it may be temporary but it takes time to regrow it so this is the best time to address the issue about hair loss. There is nothing wrong with having less hair but it can affect confidence. Permanent hair extensions or wigs can be an appropriate solution.

Although this article is a useful starting point, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor for more information about how to care for you’re family member.