You know the feeling. You sleep past your alarm in the morning and suddenly, it’s seven thirty and you have an eight o’clock meeting to get to. While you can still probably sneak in a quick shower, you won’t have time to wash, dry, and style your hair. So how do you make sure you won’t be late for work and still look neat and presentable for your meeting? One amazing product can come to your rescue: dry shampoo.

This is basically a fast-drying spray that allows you to skip days between washing your hair. It cleans your hair and absorbs any built-up sebum and oils. It also gives your hair an instant lift and a great smell. Aside from the spray variety, dry shampoo also comes in powder and paste form.

If you’re not in the habit of using this miracle product, here are some reasons that could convince you to start using dry shampoo:

• You can wash your hair less frequently. Frequent washing of the hair can rid your hair of its natural oils and leave it dry and frizzy. Experts actually recommend washing hair three to four times a week. In between washings, you can use dry shampoo to ensure that your hair still looks and smells great.
• You can keep your colored hair more vibrant for longer. Even if you use shampoos specially formulated for colored hair, constant shampooing can rid your color of its vibrancy after a number of washes. If you wash your hair less frequently and use dry shampoo in the intervals, you can ensure that your color stays vibrant for a longer period of time.
• You can get instant volume. This is one of the most well-loved advantages of dry shampoo. It doesn’t only clean your hair; it also gives it instant fullness and volume—as if you’ve just had a professional salon blowout.
• You can save time in your beauty routine for those times when you’re running late for work. As mentioned above, dry shampoo can be your savior when you don’t have time to wash, blow-dry, and style your hair.
• If you have hair extensions, dry shampoo is also a quick way to keep your extensions fresh and clean. The best hair extensions in Melbourne are sold by Human Hair Extensions Online, and their products are made from real human hair, so you can give them the same kind of treatment that you would give your own natural hair.
• You can add texture to your hair. There are times when we’d want a little bit more texture to our hair, like when we’re trying to style it in a messy bun or braid. Applying dry shampoo to your locks can give it texture so your styles get more form and hold.

When applying this amazing product, make sure you don’t put it too close to your hair. Keep the bottle at least a couple of inches away and make sure to separate your hair into sections for easier application. Also, you don’t want to be too dependent on this product. As amazing as it is, it cannot replace a good old shampoo-and-conditioner routine when it comes to keeping your hair healthy and gorgeous.