Two of the most well-known causes of hair loss among men and women alike are hormonal changes and genetics. As such, it can be said that there is no single treatment to reverse the gradual loss of strands. Fortunately, the use of a herbal tea can slow down or minimise the severity of the thinning of your crowning glory so that you can still enjoy a wide variety of styles and fully appreciate the benefits of using Human Hair Extensions Online product, of which there are many.

How to Make Your Herbal Tea
1. Gather the herbs needed for the tea. There are three good sources of fresh herbs for the tea–the wild, the natural foods shop nearest you, and your garden. However, you can also find dried herbs at the bulk department of numerous groceries. Look for the following herbs in particular:
● Basil – strengthens strands against breakage and improves circulation in follicles so that new strands grow. Also has anti-inflammatory properties.
● Watercress is rich in biotin, iron, and zinc. All three are great for the strands and scalp.
● Stinging nettle contains iron, which helps in improving overall circulation to the scalp. It is also rich in protein.
● Let’s not forget rosemary, a traditional treatment for thicker and darker strands which also clears away oil buildup on the scalp.
● Horsetail stimulates the scalp and serves as an anti-allergen and antiviral treatment. It is also known for containing silica, which strengthens and thickens the locks.
● Note: You can also combine any number of herbs to make your own tonic based on what your strands need. In the case of thinning hair, you can create a tonic composed of nettle, horsetail, essential oils (like rosemary, clary sage, and lavender), and aloe vera gel.

2. Create tea from the herbs you have gathered. Tea is the infusion of herbs to water. For maximum effect, the herbs must be infused into boiling water, which extracts the properties of herbs most effectively.
● Generally, a decent ratio of water to herbs is half a cup of fresh herbs or a quarter cup of dried herbs to a cup of boiling water. Adjust as necessary.
● The recommended time for steeping herbs in water is until water reaches room temperature or overnight. As a general rule, the longer the herbs are steeped in water, the stronger the infusion created.

3. The tea you made should then be poured over your head slowly, and whilst gently massaging the scalp using your free hand. Maximise blood circulation to the scalp by setting your head in such a way that it is below heart level.
● Repeat the process by using a cupped palm or tiny cup. Fill your cupped palm or cup with liquid that’s already in the basin.
● Be sure to completely treat your head with the tea.

4. Spend up to ten minutes massaging tea deep into the scalp. When doing this, make sure to rub gently, and to take care to avoid tugging and pulling your locks.

5. Rinse your locks in clean water.

The treatment is best done each day, on top of your usual daily treatment. After several applications, you will begin to notice that your strands will look no different from the best hair extensions in South Australia that you can obtain from our online store.