You don’t have to look far to get the best hair extensions in Australia as we, Human Hair Extensions Online have found a superb quality hair which is 100% remy human hair. Remy hair means cuticles are intact and flows in the same direction so they are less likely to tangle. We have quite a number of customers who have witnessed the quality and we in fact back it up with 100 days money back guarantee.

Here are some of the comments from our satisfied customers:


With all the hair extensions stores and online sellers popping everywhere we can get flummox with all their promises and claims for having the best hair extensions in Australia. And if we don’t do our own investigation we might be easily scammed by sellers who gives false promises just to sell their products.

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A few reads would certainly help you get more information. This knowledge can then help you choose wisely and be more equipped with facts that can aid you in weighing the pros and cons. There are a lot of factors that can assist you in finding the right and best hair extensions in Australia.

How to select the best hair extensions would depend on what you want it for? For how long do you want or need it installed? What method would you go for? And how much is your allotted budget for the extensions? You would also need to match your own hair with that of the hair extension you are planning to buy. These are the questions you need to ask yourself to get a better picture of what type of extensions you should be looking for.

There are several types of extensions out in market but the major type is the human and synthetic hair. Human hair last longer than synthetic and they are more manageable as they don’t tangle easily and can last way longer compared to synthetic hair. In addition it can be styled, permed and dyed like you would your own hair.

But there is a kind of synthetic hair that can tolerate heat – Kanekalon fibre, its been known to be softer, lighter and can tolerate heat. This is one of the best quality synthetic hair extensions in the market. They look the same as the real hair.

The only advantage of real human hair to kanekalon fibre is that they last longer than synthetic hair. So practicality wise, remy human hair is still the best hair extensions choice in Australia or in any other parts of the world.