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Are consumer reviews reliable and trustworthy? This is the first question that pops up in your mind. Nowadays words get around about how manipulation is a great possibility amongst online reviews. I am sure you also would like to become an informed customer by doing comparison shopping through reading reviews from actual users before even considering buying a certain product.

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There are a lot of product reviews site that others run a specific review for a certain product and there are ones that have several products on it. Here are some sites that might give trustworthy reviews, check them out one by one. And who knows you might just come across the best clip in hair extensions review ever!

It is a consumer market place where you can buy almost anything you want and glad to say that it’s also rich in reviews as all customers are encourage leaving a feedback on the product they have bought and used.

Better Business Bureau for consumers
This is by far most reliable source of reviews on any businesses or their products. It is absolutely free and so easy to use. They have this so called Resource Library portion which provides customers detailed information on how to avoid scams. The site will also help you find a genuine business or product/service and alerts you on bad business practices, scams and other consumer related issues. Best of all you can ask questions if you can’t find a concrete answers on a particular product or business.

Consumer Search
Users can obtain the best information through this site by searching for reviews. This is one of the most reliable sites as it analyzes the consumers’ perspective on the products and even makes recommendations on what you ought to buy based on those reviews collected. All reviews here are honest since it does not include product releases or accept advertisements on the review collection process.

WOMO is one of the well-known business review site in Australia which stands for Word of Mouth Online. This is where customers share their good or bad experience with any company they have come in contact with. The site’s main purpose is to help thousands of people to find a reputable company and avoid unscrupulous businessmen. And at the same time helping consumers get the best product or service by the recommendations other consumers make on the site regarding a specific product.

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