Hair extensions were once reserved for celebrities. Technological innovations paved the way for different production methods by which hair extensions are installed. It has also made these hair accessories more affordable! With human hair extensions, you can now change your hairstyle depending on your mood and taste.


Tape extensions are popular options for hair transformation due to a number of reasons. Here are some considerations to make when choosing taped hair extensions.


Tape In Extensions- Are they affordable?


Remy tape-in hair extension is one of the more affordable hair integration products available. If you are to install the tape wefts at home (not recommended but people do it), or with the help of a salon professional, the total cost is cheaper than microbeads and fusion hair extensions.


Taped Hair Extensions- How intensive is maintenance?


The smart construction and design of tape in hair wefts make it very easy to maintain. With proper care and use, a Remy tape-in hair extension can be firmly stuck in your hair for 12 weeks or even longer. The construction of quality Remy tape in extensions guarantees that they will not fall out in this period, although they should be removed and re installed every 8-10 weeks. Investing in superior quality extensions will prove to be a good decision as they do not mat, shed, tangle, or come off easily.


The best tape-in hair extensions- How to tell which is the best?


  • Good quality Tape-in hair extensions manufactured by a reputable company can last for 12 months. These usually come with tapes that can be attached when the adhesive components wear off over time.
  • Removal of HHEO tape extensions is easy, painless, and hassle free if they are manufactured to the highest industry standard. There are some removal solutions that can cause irritation, so make sure to choose one from a reputable company.
  • Thin tape ins are ideal since this makes the hair blend seamlessly with the actual hair. When installed properly, you won’t even notice that you have tape ins on your head!


Choosing tape in extensions is a decision that you will never regret. They are inexpensive, easy-to-maintain, and will help you achieve long shiny locks whenever you desire!


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