It is generally considered a bad idea to spend so little for your overall appearance. After all, your face, skin, and hair do not stay in peak condition forever. Not only that, it is said that MOST cheap products available on the market today do not do much to improve both your face and hair. Because of this, the search for the right product to use can be very challenging.

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If you are looking for a very affordable hair treatment option right now, you’re in luck. One such product that DEFINITELY helps improve your locks is beer. While usually intended for long, happy hours with friends, it has its place in the shower. Read on to know more about the use of beer as a hair treatment.


The Benefits of Using Beer as Hair Treatment

The main components of beer are hops and malt. Both contain proteins which can fix hair strands that have been damaged by the sun, pollution, chlorine (and other chemicals) and adds body to severely weakened strands. As for any sugars in this beverage, they can make each strand shiny again by tightening the cuticles.


Should I Go for Import or Domestic?

There is no need to spend much on imported or bespoke beers to pour on your head. The cheap ones you can get from the supermarket, as well as any extra beer from last week’s party, work just as well. But if you want the best results, use traditional lager or ale instead of wheat beers due to their hops content.


How to Prepare Your Beer for this Purpose

You don’t pour the contents on your hair once you get home or right after getting the bottle or can from the fridge. Instead, you let sit an open can or bottle of beer for one or two hours. Once that time has passed, bring it to the shower.

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How to Apply the Beer to Your Hair

The beer rinse will only be used after rinsing off all the shampoo on your hair. Once you have fully rinsed your hair of shampoo, pour the contents of the can or bottle over your locks, making sure that each strand has been coated from root to tip. Massage your hair for two minutes, then rinse hair completely with cold water.

You then need to get rid of the smell of beer. To do this, apply regular conditioner and let it sit for about five minutes. That span of time should be more than enough to remove any smell of beer on your head.

Rinse, towel dry, and then air-dry your hair. Style your hair once fully dry. While styling, you will notice that your hair has become smoother, shinier, fuller, and bouncier—one that allows colored hair extensions to perfectly blend in.


A Few Reminders

Exercise caution when treating your hair with beer. Don’t bring a bottle or glass mug into the shower. If it drops down the floor, it could shatter into several shards, which could injure different parts of your body. Instead, pour beer into one or two plastic cups, or get a can of beer to use instead.