There a several techniques used when applying extensions and micro beading is one of the most subtle. For a stunning look, these discreet extensions are an excellent choice.

Micro Beads are otherwise known as fusion, strand by strand or hairloc extensions. The method requires the use of small metal beads that hold the extensions to the natural hair. Installing this type of hair extension requires time, patience and specialized tools but those who invest the hard work are sure to be pleased with the results.

A special loop tool is needed to thread the metal beads into the hair and a rat-tailed comb is used to part the hair accurately. It is not difficult to fix the bead so that it’s firmly attached to the hair. Generally, the procedure is easy, although it takes around two to four hours to complete.

This precise and careful installation is the main reason why it is stylists will charge more and one reason it looks so natural when finished. You don’t have to use any glues or anything damaging to your hair. Among all extension techniques Micro Bead/ I Tip are preferred because it can last up to six months depending on how much your hair grows and how well you look after them.

Hair extensions of this type can be treated with your own hair via a regular wash with shampoo and conditioner.  Regular brushing is also necessary although remember using a 100% Remy hair is the easiest way of staying tangle free.

Caring for the hair extensions, when appropriately done, will make your extensions last longer, thus allowing you to re-use and re-apply them. You can save on money by only requiring a re-install. You will be able to enjoy spectacular hair for another six months without having to buy another set of hair.

Thanks to 100% human Remy hair we can make it last much longer with proper care. And that’s not all; we can iron, curl, color, and style it like our own hair which is the exact opposite to synthetic hair.

Now the question is… when will you be getting that breathtaking mane you’re dreaming of?