top 5 dry shampoo


Got flat, greasy hair? No sweat, you can have fresh hair in just a flash with dry shampoo. This revolutionary product works like blotting papers for your hair. If you find this benefit awesome wait till you hear more. More uses for dry shampoo was discuss in the previous topics.

Dry shampoo has taken hair enthusiast by storm. Imagine cleaning your hair without necessarily getting your hair wet, totally ingenious! It is convenient, time efficient, and an exceptional alternative to getting dirt and oil on your scalp.

They now come in different forms mousse, powder and aerosol. You can choose any formulation whichever you are most comfortable with as this does not affect their effectiveness. This handbag essential is useful for people with oily hair and those who have other appointments after gym class. It would certainly make you look freshly scrubbed.

Here are our top 5 finds:

1. Rene Furterer Naturia

This dry shampoo is by far the best when it comes to natural ingredients based on user reviews. It contains 3 essential oils that are non-greasy such as peppermint leaf, caraway seed and basil which refreshes the scalp and soothe it at the same time. It cleanses the hair and also absorbs extra oil and gives hair a light lift because it is formulated with Kaolin clay.

2. Oscar Blandi’s Pronto

This has an excellent oil absorbing properties because of it’s unique combination of rice, tapioca starches, oat and Kaolin clay which revitalize and refresh stubborn hair cases. The tea tree oil acts as a calming balm to flaky and irritated scalp which can be extra soothing. And you get to enjoy the fresh scent of lemon on your unwashed hair.

3. Suave professional’s keratin infusion

The brand itself have been known to do a great job on our hair so it’s no wonder they have come up with yet another great product-dry shampoo. To add an extra care to your mane they put in keratin and another ingredient to extend your great looking hair and restore volume fast. In addition, it can even make your blow out last longer.

4. Klorane extra gentle (with oat extract)

Sensitive scalp? No worries, there is a product for you. Klorane is excellent for sensitive scalp which soothes flaking and itching with the rice and oat extracts. It is absolutely plant-based, paraben and sulfate-free so it soaks up oil without leaving your hair dry.

5. Serge Normant Meta revive

A perfect solution for fine hair is to add more texture and volume fast. This dry shampoo contains no synthetics and free from paraben and sulfates so it is also safe for bead extensions, if you are wearing one.

Getting fresh hair does not necessitate getting your hair anymore, you have an option and it’s dry shampoo. So let your hair shine at any time in an instant!