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Bayalage, do you have any idea what it is and how it came about? Actually it has been here for a while and has continued to be popular because of one reason or another. Hairstylist love it and women adore it. This hair colouring technique is done in a freehand style by simply using brush strokes to dye your hair. It is a booming hair craze because it’s just downright appealing and exceptionally low maintenance.

bayalage hair extensions

You may be wondering where the word bayalage come from. Bayalage means to paint or to sweep in French. So bayalage is the subtle change of hair colour from darker roots to lighter tips this usually happens you spend too much time in the sun and the beach. The natural sun-kissed look of bayalage has been attracting a lot of attention from ordinary women to fashionista and even professional hairdresser.

Celebrities in hollywood have adapted this look, and if truth be told we dream to be living like them- desirable talented and beautiful. To mention a few stars who looked great with this hairstyle: Gisele Bündchen, Sarah Jessica Parker Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen, jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde and Jessica Biel. Each of these stars shone with their own unique blends and perefect bayalage.

Don’t be too serious, it’s time to have fun and get this efforless look. Hair contouring and highlighting has taken up a whole new dimension and revolutionizing the hair shade blending. This style has dramatically improve your appearance by creating an illusion of length, adds width to balance out a long faced or just add drama to an asymmetrical haircut. And more importantly there are no strict rules to follow this chic French vibe style. You are free to be creative.

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