If you are totally bored with your dull, flat and monotone hair, try our balayage hair extensions. It can give you hair more edge and definitely more eye catching. This also gives your hair more dimension by adding 3 shade lighter to your current tone. We stock in tape balayage hair extensions or you make your own with our clip in hair extensions and choose your own hues, wouldn’t that be more exciting?

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Balayage comes from the French word which means “to sweep or to paint” hair extensions this awesome colour technique that is comparable to ombre but with bayalage the change in colour is more subtle where ombre is more drastic. Both techniques are versatile and low-maintenance which is probably why most women embraced this look. So to make it easier for others hair suppliers have came up with a great idea and gave way to bayalage hair extensions.

balayage hair ext

Infatuated by balayage however short in cash? We can assist you in recreating this wonderful technique on your own. The first thing that you need to do is search for the particular image of the hues that you want to copy. It is also quite important for you to note that the change of hair tone is usually 2 to 3 shades lighter to get a more subtle effect.

Balayage strands should be close and thin at the roots and gets wider towards the end of the hair. The dye is applied on the surface of the hair and not the entire section for a look that is softer and more natural looking. The regrowth lines will then be less noticeable than foil highlights.

If balayage is done properly it should give you an impression of getting it from a recent Caribbean vacation- a natural sun kissed highlights. Besides it gives you a free-hand and lets you engage with your creative side. Whats more they would look amazing at any age, hair type or face shape.

Getting it done the right way is simply brushing the color lightly unto the hair and not to over-saturate it. Make sure that the product is applied evenly to prevent mottled effect. Remember too thick application can loose its softness and the incongruity which makes it perfectly awesome.

This can also be easily done with your clip in or tape extensions. Always do strand test though before you begin dyeing for both your own natural hair and the hair extensions.

You are an artist in your own right. Get celebrity-inspired hair at your fingertips, get balayage hair extensions!