– It starts with baby-doll hair extensions

baby doll look

There are times we want to be adored like we adored the baby dolls of our childhood, we easily spot the girl achieving the cute look, adorable from head to toe, hair to feet… and we wonder how does she do that? Well its basically proper make up application concentrating on the eyes to make them appear larger along with some rosy cheeks and a cute hairstyle which evokes youth and innocence.

Now, let us start with the warm and medium warmth hair colours. If you have vivid or bold hair colour you have to play up your eyes and tone down your lips. Get the complete look by matching it up with hair extensions.

Next for cool tones, they should be paired-up with brighter vivid make-up and dramatic mascara. A perfect look for a perfect moment…whether it’s a party or a simple night out, you nailed it.For platinum or highlighted, use shimmery tones for eye shadow to enhance your complexion and add a bronzer to finish the look guaranteeing a splendid evening with your special someone.

If you are using red hair extensions always remember to stick to earthy and natural tones for eye shadow to enhance your hair shade. Applying an eyeliner and blush to complete the look and bring out your natural glow.

These are not the only things that you need to consider to get that baby doll look. You have got to think about hair and face shape compatibility. Everything has be harmonized and balanced.

With the different hairstyles available in hair extensions now it is impossible for you not to get the look you desire.

And last but by no means least your personality should shine through, it should be evident in your style otherwise you will be lost beneath it. Don’t try too hard; it is difficult to be confident if you are not comfortable with your own looks.

Go younger, go innocent- cute, go baby doll with hair extensions.