Auburn hair comes in great shades, from light to dark, you will just have to fine that right colour for you to make your features stand out. You can an experiment my applying a hint of colour, highlights or lowlights whatever suits your taste. You can start with a few strands of hair if you are not ready to commit to one full colour. For this, a clip-in hair extensions will come very handy. Human Hair Extensions Online provides only the best hair, 100% Remy human hair. This is the only kind of hair that last up to several uses and is very much manageable compared to any other type. It is the most sought after hair because of its smooth and shiny trait.

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Acquiring the best shade of auburn hair for you may be a bit difficult if you are not familiar with what looks good on different skin tone. You can actually ask your stylist for any suggestions and you can go from there. I am sure you will be given a few options to choose from. Or, as suggested above, you can experiment a bit to give a a feel on how it will blend with your original hair shade.

Short choppy hair

These are the top list I have collected among stylist, for a hair shade that is more than a colour- an attitude:

#1 Uniquely Crimson

This creatively blended crimson from medium to dark helps to compliment to frame your pretty face with asymmetrical slashed sides and layered back. It is a fabulous toned red combination for medium to fair skin. You can either do a side swept bangs or a straight blunt one.

#2 Strawberry kisses

If you have Blue-green eyes, compliment it with a luscious strawberry blonde tone. A good choice for fair to medium complexion. This would be an awesome choice for those can’t seem let go of the blonde, but warm it up with a hint of red.

#3 Ludicrous red hot

Show off your multi-dimensional red by creating luscious curls that looks so inviting. This is a perfect match for darker or olive complexion. Also happens to create drama to your blue-green eyes.

#4 Sumptuous Ombre

A breathtaking combo of dark tops to red ends, which compliments a long wavy hair. And the good news is this can look amazing to any skin tone because of its colour depth. So if you are confused on what tone to go for, this is a safe choice for you.

#5 Red head turner

This racy ,edgy cut creates drama. The copper combination shows off your eye colour in any shade and a great for medium to dark complexion. Be warned, fair skin tones can bring out the freckles in full focus. The best cut for this is short hair with layers and straight across bang.

There you go, you have 5 new looks to try. Have fun with auburn hair colours!