Tired of your hair tone? If you’re thinking about changing your hair colour try ash blonde hair extensions or our #60 White/Ash Blonde which are available in several methods like clip-in, tape, skin weft. I tip, machine weft, microbead (eze weft), and U tip. If you have a particular method that you like then you can pick that type of extensions, otherwise I would highly recommend our tape extensions which are our best-selling method.

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Have you ever wanted to have ash blonde hair? What makes this shade so special is that it can be both bold and innocent. It’s a contradiction between unassuming and being brazen at the same time. Its versatility can make more exciting so here are some of the styling ideas that you can do with this hair hue.

Layered style with lowlights

Layered style with lowlights
The best style for long blonde hair is layering and highlights it enhances the texture of your luscious locks and gives your hair more dimension. So whether the style is simple or elaborated updos you would look stunning effortlessly.

top knot

Top knot
This style can be playful and firm, two conflicting things in one look. So you can pull this hairstyle in both casual and formal events, so whether you are attending a sport events or a formal party you can get away with this look.

Messy updo

Messy updo
You can gather your hair for a low updo with detailed twist at the one side of your nape. Complete your look with side-swept bangs to add some drama—a perfect hairstyle for an evening gala.

Classic straight

Classic straight
Straightened mid-parted tresses are a timeless look of all times. It is refreshingly simple and can easily be recreated with a flat iron.

chic ponytail

A chic long ponytail
Look awesome with either high or low pony; or you can do it with a teased top or just let it lie flat.

voluminous updo

Voluminous updo
A remarkable updo that looks extraordinary for both young and the mature ladies. This get up certainly looks refreshingly appealing because of its messy details, making it more alluring.

center-part waves

Center-parted waves
Hunting for a perfect style for your blonde hair? Try this typical Hollywood downdo, hair is parted at the middle with a textured waves starting below the chin towards the ends. You can amp up your waves with our #60 White/ Ash Blonde hair extensions.

fringe hairstyle

Fringe hairstyle
Bangs can be blunt, side-swept or a peek-a-boo; whichever way you want it. But of course you have to take into consideration your facial features. Fringe is added to your style to enhance your look and not destroy it, so careful how and where you place it. Blunt is for round and oval faced ladies, side-swept is awesome in almost all face shape, and peek-a-boo fringe will be perfect for an oval faces.

Stay beautiful with these stunning blonde hairstyles!