It’s common knowledge that Argan oil shampoo is good for the hair but the extent of this product’s benefits go much further. They say that this elixir of beauty is all you could ever need to prettify yourself from head to toe – sound unrealistic, yes but, there may be more truth to the myth than first assumed.

The oil is produced in a limited supply from the native Argan nut of Morocco, even sounds intriguing, magical and luxurious so let’s uncover the mystery together and discover everything about this amazing commodity, also referred to as “liquid gold”.

A list of Argan Oils many guises:

  • A great conditioner – As it improves shine and softening of the hair improving silkiness  – it’s even known to cure split ends and control frizzy hair.
  • A perfect moisturiser – this oil contains fatty acids and is high in vitamin E making it a suitable moisturiser that is non-comedogenic so it easily permeates the skin without irritation. Thus making your skin glowing and supple.
  • A practical styling oil – why use a chemical laden product to tame those frizzy ends? Applying a few drops to your hair after blow drying will prevent them from drying as they become more manageable.
  • A remedy for dry skin- the fatty acids and vitamin E present in this oil can combat extreme dryness by nourishing the skin repairing the damage by penetrating deep into the pours.
  • A wonderful anti-aging serum- Pentrating deeply into the dermis, providing nutrients to restore elasticity it minimises the appearance of wrinkles whilst giving the skin a youthful glow.
  • A formidable weapon against acne – while most oil only worsens acne by clogging the pores Argan oil does not since it is non-comedogenic. It can be in fact advantageous for providing natural moisture to balance the skin; just a few drops can hasten healing on the affected area.
  • A preventive guard in anticipation of stretch marks- it’s high vitamin E content can increase elasticity and thus it is perfect for the pregnant to lessen the likelihood of getting avoidable stretch marks by providing hydration to the skin.
  • A healing ointment for skin irritations – A few drops can sooth pain and itching, speed up healing and restore the skin to its natural healthy state.
  • A unique Lip Balm – It will prevent lips from drying, making them soft and supple.
  • A solution to brittle nails, dry hands and cracked heels – It is the one and only solution you’ll ever need. Massaging a few drops on your cuticle, hands and feet every night before you sleep will give you tremendous results.

It’s clear this Moroccan magic potion has more to it than meets the eye and may well be the solution to and range of your on-going hair and skin needs.