Most women dream of having that naturally luxurious and voluminous hair – however, not everyone is blessed with that gene to great looking hair! Today’s women face adversities on a day-to-day basis, which can also affect their hair’s health. We call it stress. Stress is the number one factor why most women notice thinning hair or suffer from hair fall after childbirth or due to medications. Overall, lifestyle can also affect the regrowth of hair and at the same time, it goes with how and what products are being used.

Fortunately, HHEO Hair Extensions offers women the opportunity to get the hair of their dreams, effortlessly! Despite this promise, many women are still curious to know, Are Hair Extensions Hard To Take Care Of? Well, the good news is that you won’t need a team of hair heroes to help you maintain your hair extensions.

We’ve lined up simple things you need to know about keeping your hair extensions in its best shape.


Make sure not to miss your salon appointment

Once you decide to wear hair extensions, you mustn’t miss your salon appointment, especially if you are wearing tape in hair extensions as it needs to be reinstalled or retaped every 6 to 8 weeks. Your hair extensions will naturally move further away from your roots as your hair grows. By getting your hair extensions retaped, you will be ensured that each weft is where it should be to enjoy a natural long voluminous hair continuously.

 Switch hair care products to products designed for hair extensions.

Wearing hair extensions requires commitment, and it needs to be taken seriously, otherwise, you are just putting your money to waste. Unlike caring for your natural hair, hair extensions require a little bit of “being keen to details.” It would be best if you were mindful of shampoo and conditioners that contain sulphate in them. Regular and excessive exposure to sulphate can damage your hair extensions as it would with your real hair. So the easiest way to stay away from sulphate is to check the ingredients label and go for shampoos that are organic or made of natural ingredients. And of course, it should say sulphate-free!

Investing in high-quality leave-in conditioners or treatments can also help maintain the luxurious look of your hair extensions.

 Style with care.

When styling your hair extensions using hot styling tools, we highly recommend using heat protectant sprays before styling. Doing this allows you to provide your human hair extensions with an extra layer of coating or protection and help avoid the direct exposure of heat to each strand. Excessive heat exposure of your hair extensions can cause potential damage just as it would with your real hair. We recommend styling at low heat only, so the heat applied to your hair extensions is regulated and guaranteed safe.

Brush with a detangler.

One of the most common errors in using hair extensions is the type of comb or brush used. Hair extensions can be a little sensitive and easily shed as the strands are sewn into a lace weft. Unlike natural hair where strands are rooted in our scalp, hair extensions strands can quickly shed the moment you start brushing it with the wrong comb or brush type. A detangler is best for hair extensions as the tips or bristle of this brush is rounded; thus, it avoids pulling your hair off each type you brush it.

Caring for your human hair extensions is really no rocket science. It only requires understanding the nature of your hair extensions and being wise in choosing the right product to use.

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