Men and women alike, often suffer the same problem as they age – thinning hair or excessive hair loss.

Although scientist have invented numerous products to address the issue nothing yet can compare with mother natures solutions.

If you’ve heard of ACV it’s most like because its has gained huge popularity in the world of hair and beauty as a miracle worker for hair and body alike.

If we take the apple cider internally to improve digestion, it can assist in weight loss programs whilst giving you added energy, yet the same product can be used to address the issue of  hairloss?

By applying it directly to our hair twice a week, we can see dramatic results within the first three months.

Hair fall will lessen, hair will become stronger, the quality of the hair will improve and you’ll also see new hair growth.

Apple Vinegar

In detail, here what you can expect for an ACV rinse...

  • First, this rinse can thoroughly cleanse your hair from all of the residue that other hair products leave behind on, and in your hair. This includes shampoos, conditioners, hair colours, and perming by-products. (These left-overs are the reason why your hair feels so stiff and look dull).
  • Next, it balances your hair’s PH level. (Since hair is normally acidic, and regular shampoo can make it more acidic, it comes in by bringing down the PH to a neutral level).
  • It will make your hair shinier when mixed with baking soda.
  • ACV then helps smoothen the hair, making the microscopic scales close tightly thus preventing split ends and reflecting more light.
  • The rinse also treats a dry, itchy scalp since it has anti-microbial and anti-fungal qualities.
  • Finally, it can be use to treat Alopecia.

Commonly pondered questions

Can any brand do the job?

Yes, any brand can do as long as it is organic and free from any harmful additives, look for a raw unpasteurised version which contains the essential enzyme that provides all its health benefits.

You can also use either the powder or liquid form, depends on what you are comfortable with, although most would choose liquid form.

How long does it take to see the effects of apple cider vinegar?

Results really vary from person to person due to several factors like condition of the hair, age, how diligent you are at following the hair care tips, the quality of water in your area and the environment you expose the hair to.

What is important, is that you will see results its just a matter of sticking to the routine; following through is crucial to seeing the results you want.

It is worth a has worked for others...this can work for you too...