It’s not that hard to achieve hair that’s as straight as most Human Hair Extension Online products if you have a professional-grade iron. Just make sure that you follow the proper way of applying hair treatment before and after the straightening process. It’s also important to use the correct straightening technique. The steps to hair treatment application and the correct straightening technique are highlighted below.

Preparing the Strands for Heat

* Use shampoos and conditioners formulated to help create sleek and straight hair. There’s no need to purchase costly hair products; any product of this sort that you can find at a local beauty supplies shop works fine.

* After taking a shower, get a towel and use it to dry strands. But instead of ruffling them dry, just gently squeeze water off sections of hair before patting them dry. By doing so, you avoid the development of frizz.

* Apply heat treatment or thermal protection serum on your wet hair. By applying these products on wet hair, they can be spread evenly without creating clumps. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb strands after application.
– Products with argan oil, coconut oil, Moroccan oil, obliphica berry, and silicone can help keep strands straight.

* Blow-dry your locks. By using this method to dry strands, not only would the iron work better, it would also prevent strands from shock caused by sudden heat application, which in turn causes them to break off.

The Correct Ironing Technique

* Plug the iron in and switch the device on to the correct heat setting as represented by numbers. A rule of thumb to follow is to go for the higher numbered setting the frizzier your strands are. Otherwise, go for low numbered heat settings to prevent damage.

* Separate hair into numerous sections. The number of hair sections should depend on how thick your hair is. Sections should be an inch or two thick so they can pass the straightener easily. Clip or pin these sections to the top of the head, only releasing them if straightening them.

* Place the iron the closest you can to the roots of a section as possible without burning your scalp. Usually, this means starting exactly one inch from the scalp.

* Clamp down the iron until heated sides touch each other and strands rest between them. Avoid clamping too firmly and holding the iron on the same area for a long time; both actions create a ridge at that part of your hair.

* Run the iron down the rest of the section in a smooth and steady sweep.

* Keep in mind that the thickness of your locks and the strength of the iron are factors that determine if you need to run the straightener on a single section many times or just once. Also, remember that steam may rise when you do the aforementioned step. Steam emerges due to the ceramic getting in contact with leftover moisture on hair. However, if you begin to smell something burning, set the heat to low immediately.

Keeping Strands Straight

* Set blow dryer to cold on low air flow setting, then switch it on and use it to blow-dry strands for one more minute. This allows the straightened hair to set properly. A thick brush can be used to help you guide strands if you want to.

* Apply a post-straightening or setting spray afterwards to maintain the straightness of the strands.

* Do you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, or is rain expected in your place? Bring an umbrella with you when you go out for that party or date! External moisture can make strands frizzy again, and when frizz develops again, any amazing hair extensions on your head stand out.