Suffering from hair loss or thinning tresses? No need to worry about that because there are tons of ways you can do to bring back the health and fullness of your locks. You can certainly find ways toget thicker hair in no time at all with the help of your trusted hair experts. They care about your locks as much as you do that’s why you can always count on them to provide you with the best hair advice and products that will certainly aid you in addressing any kind of problem you may have with your tresses. You may also consider making your own homemade hair treatments made from pure natural ingredients.

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Thinning locks is one of the most devastating hair problems we all could have. It’s just super sad and heartbreaking to see your once voluminous tresses getting thinner each passing moment. The one thing you’d wish for by now is if only it was your belly that was getting thinner and not your much-loved tresses. Even though this may be a major problem for most women, still this can be easily solved with a few tricks with your haircut, hairstyle, and color. Yes, I ain’t bluffing, trust me on this. There’s a list of hair color ideas and haircuts for thinning hair that will give the illusion of fuller and thicker locks. We have gathered a handful of them below.

1. Short Messy Pixie

Quite different than the usual pixie, this cut creates the look of fuller tresses with the long fringe and short angled layers near the crown. Great for women who are always on the go because you can just simply run your fingers through it and you’re good to go.

2. Platinum Layered Waves

Although platinum is quite a hard shade to pull off but if it suits you then, by all means, give it a try and pair it with a medium layered cut with messy waves. Consider parting your tresses in the middle to frame your face with the shorter layers. The waves together with the layers create the effect of thicker locks and the light hue of platinum helps in covering visible scalp.

3. Short Bohemian Waves

If you think bohemian waves only look good on long locks, you’re wrong. You can certainly pull off this chic hairstyle with a short bob. This cut gives you thick looking tresses with its short length paired with its tousled boho waves. To get a more boho look, you can add a braid or accessory to it.

4. Shaggy Pixie Bob

A semi pixie and a semi-bob, that’s how this haircut looks like. The shaggy layers with textured ends give your locks a fluffy appearance which keeps it from falling flat.

5. Soft Waves With Highlight

The highlights together with the subtle waves in your locks create depth making your them appear thicker and fuller. The highlights also keep the cut from seeming flat and dull.