Clip In hair extensions has many advantages compared with other hair extension methods available on the market. Lots of girls, mostly those who are always “on the go” prefer clip in human hair extensions over the rest mostly due to the convenience of using it. This product has become very popular in Australia and across the world because it offers you incredible results in an instant!

Let’s dig deeper on the advantages of wearing clip in hair extensions and see what makes this method everyone’s favourite.


When it comes to 100% Remy human hair extensions, HHEO clip-ins are by far the most economical method amongst others. It comes in different lengths like 16 inches, 20 inches, 22 and 24 inches (waist length). They are also very comfy to wear as they are lightweight and it comes in separate pieces giving you flexibility on how and where to install them.

Usually, hair extensions require you an appointment at the salon for installation or maintenance services, however, clip ins let you skip those parts and help you save money since you can do all these those parts and help you save money since you can do all these things at home, on at home, on your own.

If you wish to shop for premium quality clip in hair extensions without breaking the bank, check out brands or companies that don’t involve third vendors like a middleman, as buying directly from the supplier brand will save you more and avoid additional price markups from a middleman.



One of the major factors being considered when using hair extensions is how would it affect the natural hair. Is it safe? Or will it cause potential damage to the hair?

Luckily, with clip-ins, you won’t be needing any adhesives, glue or any chemical containing products of hot tools to install them. Each weft of hair comes with pre-fitted clips that you can use to clip the hair on to yours. You can easily install and remove this type of extensions whenever you feel like it. So if you are up for a fabulous party, a romantic wedding or any special event or if you just want to wear it on a regular, the choice is yours. Just enjoy wearing your clip in hair extensions without the thoughts of ending up with a disastrous hair.


As it says, DIY- DO IT YOURSELF! No need to get any professional attention or struggle to book for an appointment at the salon and spend bucks on the installation service alone. With clip extensions, once you unwrap it from its packaging, you can immediately start installing your clip in extensions on your own and it will only take you roughly 5 minutes to get it done.  

Installation is totally simple and quick that anyone can do it. No special tools or whatsoever. Just a comb and some clips to help get some sections of your hair out of the way while installing clip-in extensions.

Well, if you are also new to the clip in extension trend, here’s a helpful tutorial from our HHEO Babe Cecilia Tricks for Clip In Hair Extensions.


Now hair extensions should not only help enhance the appearance of your hair, but it should also be comfy to wear. Yes! You read it right. Hair extensions can add weight to your head and if you will be carrying this additional weight around all day, it should at least be manageable and keep you looking fabulous, rather than being your problem right?

HHEO Clip Extensions are lightweight which would make you feel as if you were not wearing them at all, but still get that voluminous hair without that head and neck strains. Another best point about this product is that they are easy to use and blends flawlessly with your natural hair which makes it inconspicuous.


Clip human hair extensions are low maintenance primarily because they won’t require frequent washing which will help you save on additional bucks to spend on different kinds of hair products to make it clean and look naturally smooth.

You may wash your extensions only when necessary like when it has too much dust on it, when it starts to smell and when you have been wearing this at the gym during a workout. 

Remember, each type of hair extensions offer pros and cons so you must understand which amongst the different hair extensions methods would suit your requirement. If you are the “On the go Chic” type, then clip in human hair extensions is your best choice!