What are the Advantages of Choosing Tape In Hair Extensions Over Other Hair Extension Methods? article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

We all yearn to have beautifully long, sleek, and voluminous hair. Unfortunately, not all of us can grow our hair long and thick. In this case, why not try tape in hair extensions?


  • Easy to apply and remove


Who has the time to go to the salon and have their hair styled anyway? If you’re looking to achieve the best look for special occasions or for a glamorous night out with the girls, using tape in hair extensions is what you need. What’s more to it, is that it will not add stress to your hair and scalp. They are easy to apply and take only a few minutes to remove, too.


Remy tape in hair extensions is equipped with strong adhesives that guarantee your locks stay put all day and all night long.


In terms of removal, there are special adhesive removers that come with every purchase of tape in hair extensions.


  • Natural looking hair extensions


Remy tape in hair extensions are made from quality hair strands, thus they look more natural than wearing wigs or hair extensions made from cheap synthetic hair. To achieve a natural look, we highly recommend picking out the tape in hair extension shades that are a few shades lighter than your natural hair.


  • Low maintenance


Depending on the level of care you give your tape in hair extensions, touch-ups may be needed every 3 to 5 months. If your hair has grown out, you may need to readjust the extensions or replace the locks altogether.


Remy tape in extensions is easy to care for. Simply use sulfate-free conditioning products and oils to keep them smooth, silky and looking new. You don’t need to wash them after each use. To keep them in top condition, we highly recommend brushing them at least once a week.


If you’re all set to buy tape in hair extensions, visit our wide range of hair extensions. For additional questions or enquiries, you may reach us on +61 1300 489 337.