For women, hair extensions are the keys we use for unlocking the best versions of ourselves and for gaining self-confidence. We consider them as one of the most genius inventions! They’re like answered prayers to most of us especially to those who have short and fine hair. We wear them to look our best and some of us do it in an attempt to attract the opposite sex. But are these methods really effective? Can wearing extensions make the man of our dreams look our way and totally notice us? I bet you’re been dying to know the answers to these questions. Be ready, we are about to go inside the heads of men and know their thoughts about hair extensions.

Long Black Hair Extension

A word of advice, just do whatever makes you feel amazing about yourself and keep yourself-confidence up. The truth is most men don’t really mind if you are wearing hair extensions or not, majority of them won’t even know! As long as you look confident then that’s what makes you attractive to them. Most men say, the only time the thought of hair extensions cross their mind is when they have reasons to such as if you keep on talking about them or if your extensions look really fake.




Men are totally okay with enhancing your hair, the trick is to make them look natural. Have them installed properly so they don’t see the wefts, tracks and the like coming out. If your extensions match perfectly with your natural hair and you look good with them in, then they don’t see a problem with that, they will definitely appreciate it. So, when applying your hair extensions, you have to be careful and you have to make sure that anyone who sees them won’t recognize that you’re wearing fake hair. To look amazingly natural with your extensions, consider choosing remy hair over synthetic ones. Remy hair looks exactly just like your natural hair and dosent knot and tangle. You just have to find the right shade that blends well with your natural hair colour.



In the end, what really matters most is how you feel about yourself. If you love wearing extensions because they make you feel good about yourself and they boost your self-confidence, then continue wearing them. It’s in the way you carry yourself that makes other people appreciate you even more.