Investing on clip in hair extensions extends to knowing how to take good care of them. Human hair extensions don’t come cheap so it’s best that you learn the tips and tricks on how to keep them silky, shiny, and nourished beautiful for many years to come.


  • How to wash clip in hair extensions?


Clip in hair extensions do not receive nourishment from the scalp. With this in mind, it is ideal to wash hair extensions infrequently to avoid dryness. Ideally, clip in hair extensions should only be washed every four to six weeks to ensure that they maintain its shine.


Wash your clip in hair extensions with lukewarm water for best results. Make sure to comb or brush the extensions before washing them to avoid tangles.


  • What are the hair care products used for clip in hair extensions?


Be extra picky with the hair care products you use for clip in hair extensions. Paraben-free or sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners are best as they cleanse the hair without nasty chemicals. Spread moisturising shampoo evenly throughout the hair and gently massage in a downward motion. Finish cleansing the hair by using a hydrating conditioner from roots to tips.


  • How to dry clip in clip in hair extensions?


It may be tempting to use a hair dryer, but it’s best to leave your wet hair extensions to dry. Before leaving them to dry, make sure to remove any tangles. You can do this by gently running your fingers along the hair strands.


If you are in a hurry and have no choice but to blow dry your clip in ponytail hair extensions, make sure to use heat protective spray. This haircare product is important as it protects the hair extensions from dryness and easy breakage.


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