When it comes to hair extensions, everyone is always after the most natural looking. We always Make sure that they are unnoticeable and they blend seamlessly with our own natural hair. Well, the easiest way to achieve that is by wearing high-grade extensions which you can certainly get at Human Hair Extensions Online. As Australia’s premier one-stop hair extension online shop, we only offer high quality extensions which are made of 100% guaranteed remy human hair. Remy hair which resembles real human locks, is considered to be the best type of extension available in the market. Buy a set now to start flaunting your gorgeous voluminous tresses.

Below are samples of our clip-in hair extensions that are just so irresistible:


Clip ins are highly used everywhere due to how easy they are to apply and use. From the word itself “clip in”, all you need do is clip it in your hair and voilà! you instantly have voluminous stylish locks. Pretty easy right? That’s one of the main reasons why it is considered to be everyone’s favorite among other types of extensions. Clip ins are available in a variety of lengths for you to choose from. You can use 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, 20, 18 or 16” clip in hair extensions. It depends upon how long you want to your tresses and on what best suits you. To help you decide on which length to choose, you may seek help from one of our experts who are always ready to help you out on that. However, if you wish to keep your tresses natural looking as possible, consider going for extensions with shorter length (16 inch) since they appear more natural compared to super long locks (30 inch). If you already have a set 16 inch clip ins, here are a few tricks from the experts to help you keep your extensions unnoticeable and get the most natural look even while wearing faux hair.


1. Wash first before wearing

As tempting as it would be to wear them right away, you may have to wait just a little bit before you put them on, well, that’s if you want them to look absolutely natural. Most clip ins are coated with ultra glossy finish which make them look like straight out products from a hair commercial. They may seem enticing to look at because of how perfectly good-looking and shiny they are but keep in mind that you have to consider your own tresses as well. When they are clipped in to your natural locks, they do not blend in with the rest of your locks making them totally noticeable. Good thing is, you can easily solve this issue by just washing them first before you put them on. Wash them using a gentle moisturising sulphate free shampoo then apply conditioner afterwards. Leave it to dry overnight.

2. Proper application is vital

Among the many methods of extension application, clip in is one of the easiest which could be done even without professional help. If you want them to blend well with your own locks, all you need to do is apply them properly and correctly to avoid exposing them as well as prevent slip outs. When applying them, it is not necessary to utilise all the pieces, use according to your need and remember to leave some sections of your strands in between each weft.

3. Keep close to your natural shade

As much as possible select a set with a base color resembling your own natural shade. If you’re not entirely sure of what shade to choose, you can avail of our free colour matching service. You may add highlights or lowlights to aid the blending process. But right before you color your extensions, make sure that they are 100% remy. Remy human hair can be safely dyed unlike the synthetic ones that are made of nylon, plastic, polyester and acrylic fibers which may not be able to handle dye chemicals. You may ask a professional to color your clip ins but if you prefer to do it on your own, you may do so as well.

4. Short and simple is the key

As much as you want to have super long tresses like Rapunzel, you should take into consideration the original length of your locks. The shorter the length, the more natural they appear that’s why it is highly recommended to wear shorter extensions (16-24 inch) for regular use. Just a tip, when choosing the length of your clip in, keep it as close as possible to your original length. For shoulder length hair, go for 16-18 inch long ones. For mid-length to long, opt for 20-24 inch. Aside from the length, you have to match the thickness of the extensions to your hair’s texture as well. Avoid using a heavy-set (220 grams) if you have fine strands, use 100-180 grams instead. If you have thicker strands then you may put on a thicker set as well.

5. Make your curling iron your new BFF

Having a hard time blending your own locks with your new set of 16″ clip in hair extensions? Go grab your curling iron right away and loosely curl them together. This is considered to be the easiest way to blend your original tresses with your extensions and keep them intact with style. Just don’t forget to spray on some heat protection on your clip ins right before you heat style them.