Human Hair Extensions are not just hairpieces that can help you achieve luxuriously, longer and voluminous hair in under a few minutes. Hair Extensions are considered by many as an investment as premium-quality extensions do not come cheap, but are absolutely worth every dime.

However, while you are socially distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may eventually end up in a situation where you will feel the need to remove them, especially if you are wearing permanent extensions such as tape-in extensions or micro links, trim them or experiment on new haircuts the DIY way, since booking for a salon appointment this time may be a little bit difficult.

To make the whole pandemic hair situation less stressful, here are 5 Tips on How To Care For Your Hair Extensions During COVID.

TIP #1: Do not Uninstall Hair Extensions On Your Own, Unless, It’s a Clip-On

We understand that eventually, you will be tempted to remove your hair extensions on your own, those permanent or semi-permanent ones. Removing it the DIY way can lead to breakage and total nightmare, trust us! Our partner salons and hairdressers highly discourage this. Although it looks easy peasy on YouTube videos, in reality, there’s more to just removing the attachment, but also the hair strands that have shed while wearing your hair extensions. Shedding is a natural phenomenon and will remain attached to the hair extensions until it has been removed. 

During this time, we highly recommend more patience and wait for a professional hairdresser to take care of this job for you.

TIP #2: Brush Your Hair To Rid Knots and Tangles 

Always make it a point to brush your hair to avoid or rid tangling and knotting. If you have hair extensions on like tape-ins, we highly recommend brushing your hair with a loop brush as it is gentle and appropriate for hair extensions. In the event that one of your tape-in wefts slips off, do not panic. This is a normal occurrence. Brushing will help prevent matting and intertwining of hair extensions with each other. You may also finger-comb to help separate your extensions gently.

TIP #3: Clarify Roots and Moisturise Hair

Clarifying is important, especially if you have oily hair and if you do not wash your hair often. Using clarifying shampoo can help remove oils and back it up with moisturizing sulphate-free shampoo like X-TEN Silky Lite Hair Extension Shampoo. Moisturising the mid-shaft to ends of your hair and hair extensions with moisturising leave-in products can help keep your hair in excellent condition.

If you do not have leave-on products or have no access to stores locally, you can either order this online or try using coconut oil on the ends of the extensions. Leave if for a few minutes then rinse it thoroughly. For clip-in extensions, you can do this treatment while they are being stored for their next use.

TIP #4: Dry Your Hair

Keep your hair dry. If you are having difficulty doing the entire hair, make sure to keep the part where extensions are attached dry. Leaving your hair wet leaves your hair in its most vulnerable and can cause the hair extensions to possible to detach.

TIP #5: Pamper Yourself

Although the pandemic puts us in a frustrating situation, taking this time to pamper yourself and your hair is one thing that you deserve to help ease the stressful situation.

When all things are back to normal, or at least becomes better, we can get our favourite hairdressers to address all our hair-related requests, including hair extensions. If you need more tips on how to care for your extensions, feel free to email us at