Clip In Hair Extensions is one of the top-selling hair extensions on the market. Many women prefer the flexibility clip-in offers and its convenience and ease of use. This hair extension type is most popular at weddings, birthday parties, and even on the red carpet. Oh yes love, celebrities are also into clip-in hair extensions.

So in this article, we will share with you 8 Clip In Hacks To Try Now so you can get the best out of your hair extensions.

1. Super Hold

If you have thin or fine hair or just get extra strong hold clip-ins on, then you may want to consider backcombing roots before clipping your extensions to your natural hair. This technique will absolutely make a difference. You may also consider using some dry shampoo to add some texture to your roots. This can really help hold the clips stronger too.
Make sure to get yourself a teasing comb, get a section of your hair, and comb the hair up and down along the roots.

2. Tilt Them

If you are sporting layered hair and struggling to blend your clip extensions with your layers, well fret not! As clip-in requires a lot of practice, getting used to which spot you should position your extensions on and how to put them on is all part of getting a perfect clip extension. Try to tilt the wefts slightly upwards towards your face as this will give you that layered effect and help blend the clip in extensions with your natural hair.

3.Clip Up The Bottom Section

Got a short or blunt hair cut? Worry not! Simply twist and pin the small section of your hair at the nape of your neck. Doing this can help conceal your shorter length and will give you a way more seamless look.

4. Go Double

Do you have more wefts in your set than what you actually need but want all of those wefts on your hair? You can always double up by clipping a weft on top of the other. This is an excellent hack for people who have thin hair and have difficulty concealing the wefts at the top of their head. This technique works well for that half moon hairstyle too.

5. Blend…Blend…Blend…

When it comes to colour matching, sometimes, you may get into a situation where your hair does not exactly match any of the colours in that colour ring. If your hair colour is in between two shades, or you’ve got multi-tonal highlights or lowlights, go grab and blend the two closest colours and you’re sure to rock an awesome hair dimension. This may sound slightly expensive because you’ll be spending twice the price of a set, but this will give you more flexibility and you can switch up between colours or use both at the same time.

We hope these tricks have given you some ideas on how to feel more confident wearing your clip-in hair extensions Melbourne brand and be sure to strike a pose for your Instagram. Got some good hacks you want to share? Email us at