Melbourne’s Spring Racing Season is one of the most anticipated happenings of the year. If you are planning to attend the racing events or other events during that season, you definitely would want to stay on top of the trends. Aside from conceptualizing your make-up, your hairstyle will bring your look to the next level. Check out these 3 super easy DIY hairstyles curated by our certified HHEO Babe Kirstie Roche using, of course, our 100% human hair HHEO Tape In Extensions.



STEP 1: Curl your tresses! Curl your hair like you always do. Make sure to apply heat protector to ensure your hair gets a proper shield from direct heat to be applied from using hair iron/curler. Section your hair into several pieces, then curl them one by one. Don’t worry about creating perfect curls, we’d prefer getting that messy-looking wavy hair. It would look more natural.

STEP 2: Simply spray on your favorite hairspray to help hold the curls in place and you can also apply volumizers on the roots to help amplify volume and add more texture to your hair.

STEP 3: Accessorize your hair with your preferred hair pieces. If you want to skip wearing hats, you can always wear cute fascinators or pretty headbands.



STEP 1: Create some beach waves by lightly curling your hair using your favorite curling iron or wand. Don’t forget to spray on hair protector before applying heat to your hair.

STEP 2: Create a half-headband braid all the way to the tip of your hair.

STEP 3: Gather the remaining hair and tie into a ponytail on one side with the half-headband braid you’ve created earlier.

STEP 4: With an extra piece of your hair, wrap it around the base part to hide the elastic used.STEP 5: Spice up your hairstyle with your favorite fascinator or fancy headband.


STEP 1: Add some beach waves to your hair using your favorite curling wand. Some waves help add texture and hold the hairstyle in place. Just make sure to get some heat protector sprayed on before curling your hair.

STEP 2: Divide your hair horizontally and tie the bottom half into a ponytail. Twist the ponytail and roll it into a bun. Secure hair with bobby pins.

STEP 3: Divide the top half part vertically and clip to set aside.

STEP 4: With the right half, divide it horizontally into 2 parts. Twist each part of the hair to the ends, then wrap it around the bun’s base, then secure with bobby pins. Repeat step on the other side.

STEP 5: Repeat STEP 4 for the remaining parts of the hair.

STEP 6: Spray on your favorite hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place.

STEP 7: Accessorise with your favorite hair pieces.



The use of a fascinator is one of the top accessories for race day hairstyles. When you are looking for spring racing hairstyles that can be worn with a fascinator, keep it simple. Let the fascinator be the statement piece. If you opt for a big fascinator, keep your hair simple by letting it down or putting it up (depending on what you wear it with). If you have a small fascinator, you have more opportunities to play up your hairstyle for race day a bit. For example, think about adding layers or textures to your hair. Don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous!

Which of these spring racing hairstyles is your favorite? If you have more hairstyle ideas, we’d love to know more about them! Don’t forget to share in the comments section.

If you prefer using fascinators or fancy headbands for this season, make sure to keep your hairstyle low key. Let your accessories do the talking. If you prefer using big fascinators, keep your hair very simple by either putting it up or keeping it loose.

Dare to experiment with your hair and achieve your dream looks only with HHEO Tape Ins. Need more hairstyle inspirations? Check us out HERE.