While other people find this quarantine season annoying and some experience cabin fever, this quarantine has provided us with a lot of free time to do what we only wish we could before. Activities like catching up on reading your favourite novel, exploring your baking and kitchen skills, dedicate some time on skincare routines and maybe catch up on your favourite Netflix Series are just some of the things we all craved for when we were all busy bees before quarantine- basically, your dream work break, only that it came in an unprecedented

We know that trying to ease into the new normal can be tough, especially if you got used to being always on the go, hitting the road for business trips, seeing people around the workplace, or meeting with your friends on weekends for some bar hopping galore. While we all do our best to get used to this new normal, we must keep ourselves productive and let our creative minds continue working on fresh ideas while we go on quarantine and social distancing. And speaking of creative ideas, aside from cutting and toning your hair (which we do not encourage at this time), here are 3 Hairstyles to Try During Quarantine and get your girlfriends to try it too! 

Classic Messy Bun

This hairstyle is timeless! No matter what your OOTD is or your mood, the perfect messy bun can transform your look into something that you can wear during meetings. Trust us; we’ve done this! All you have to do is decide which shade of lip tint to put for your zoom meeting. And did we mention that this is so simple and easy to do? Here’s a step-by-step for you to follow:

  1. Prep your hair by adding texture so your bun will last long. The best product to use is dry texture sprays available at your local salons or stores.
  2. Finger comb your hair first from roots to tips. Then gently and loosely grab hair forming a ponytail, then gently twist it several times before securing it with a bobby pin or an elastic. If you were to use hairpins, go for oversized gold ones as they serve as an accent. Making your hair bun a little extra.
  3. EXTRA: If you want to go on a full bun with all the thickness and height, add a ponytail human hair extensions. Bring your hair into a bun and tie it with an elastic. Add your ponytail extensions, then twist the whole hair several times before securing with a pin or elastic whichever you prefer. Ponytail hair extensions enhance the thickness and size of your messy bun.

Heatless Curls

Ditch the hair iron or curling wands and achieve soft, bouncy curls without using any heat. Yes, you read it right! Let’s try minimising heat; we owe that to our hair’s health. But is it possible to achieve soft waves or beach curls without heat? Absolutely! Checkout sock bun curling technique where you will only need an old sock. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Grab an old sock you have lying around, then cut the edge where your toe usually goes.
  2. Form a doughnut shape with the sock.
  3. Once you have that doughnut sock, prepare your hair by using texture sprays.
  4. Gather your hair into a ponytail and tie it with an elastic.
  5. Gently pull your ponytail through the sock doughnut hole, then pull sections of your ponytail through it to create a large bun.
  6. Let the bun sit overnight.
  7. Come morning, gently unravel your hair from that doughnut bun, and voila! Soft curls.
  8. EXTRA: Achieve bigger, fuller-looking curls with added volume using hair extensions Australia brands like HHEO Hair Extensions.


While others go crazy about Mukbang videos, we go nuts about mesmerizing braids on Instagram and Pinterest and one of our favourites- Waterfall braids! It may look not very easy, but here’s a quick step-by-step guide to slay this look:

  1. To level up this look, you can put on your tape-in hair extensions to add thickness, and this can help make your waterfall braid look thicker.
  2. Take two sections of your hair, then cross the section of hair along your hairline on top of the other part. The direction should be away from your face.
  3. Take a new section of your hair, and let it fall on top of the section that you just pulled away from the face.
  4. Drop the hair section you just added, so it falls through the twist, creating that waterfall-like effect.
  5. Take the lower section of the hair and pull it over the waterfall section you just created. Then take another part of hair from the top sections of your head to make another row of a waterfall. 
  6. Repeat the process, then lock it with elastic or other accessories you may have on hand.

There are tons of other easy-to-do home hairstyles that you can try while social distancing. You can wear this on your Netflix days, chilly days, simple dinner date at home or a business meeting over Zoom. Whatever style you feel like sporting, these hairstyles can level up your overall look.