One of the quickest ways to add length to your mane is by wearing a set of hair extensions. If it’s your first time to try extensions, we recommend you ask your trusted hairstylist on which type of extensions is best suitable for you. Human Hair Extensions Online offers an extensive range of premium class remy extensions such as clip in, tape in, skin weft, micro bead weft and micro bead extensions. Our products are non-damaging and durable. We guarantee you that when you put them on, they will look absolutely natural and you can style them however you like.

Below are samples of the high quality clip-in hair extensions that we sell on our website:


A set of 24 inch clip in hair extensions is ideal to use during parties, weddings or during ordinary days to match your outfit of the day. You can do so much with added length and volume to your mane. You can try more hairstyles which will enhance you overall look. Here are easy to do gorgeous hairstyles you can create with a set of 24 inch extensions.


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 1. Side Braid
Side braids are one of the go-to hairstyles of every women. It takes you just a few minutes to achieve the style. Ideally, you place or stack most of the clip ins at the side where you will create the braid.

Divide a section of your hair at the top of your ears and then attach 2 individual clip in wefts at that area. Clip them next to each other. Free your hair and then part another layer.

Attach another two clip ins and then divide another section of your mane again. This time you can either attach one clip in or two for extra volume. Brush your tresses to remove tangles.

Then, gather all your strands including the extensions to one side. Divide your locks into three equal sections and start braiding at the area just right underneath the ear as this will be the anchor point of the plait/ braid.

Just like how you normally do your braid, grab one outer section from the three sections of hair you parted earlier and then cross it to the middle section.

Cross the other outer section from the opposite side and repeat the process until you finally reach your desired length. After which, carefully secure the braid with an elastic band.

2. Low side bun

This style has similar method as the side braid but instead of gathering your strands into one side, gather it into a ponytail at the area where you want to place the bun. Insert your finger through your hair above that area to section it off into two.

Clip two single wefts right next to each other and then let down your strands. Section a new layer just above the previous one and place another two wefts.

For more volume and fullness, part another layer and attach two more wefts. Wrap it into a bun to finish the look.

3. Half up half down
One of the easiest classic hairstyles. You can clip as may wefts as you want with this style. There’s no required number of wefts to be used as long as you make sure that they do not weigh down your mane or else you’ll suffer from damaged strands.

Divide your tresses into two parts, the top and bottom. Tie the top layer to keep it out of the way as you attach the two clip ins at the middle area of your head. You can either stack one clip above the other one or attach one into the other for added volume so as to save more space for the remaining wefts.

Let down a section of hair at the area above the ears and then clip three wefts starting from the center. Take another section of your locks and attach four clips this time. For the remaining wefts, it’s up to you where you want to clip them, it could be on the last section or on the other previous ones.

Release and let down all the clipped sections. Finish the style by securing the top half of your hair with a cute hair tie.