22 inch hair ext

Hair extensions come in a range of different lengths anywhere from 6 inch to 30 inch.

Here at Human Hair Extensions Online we stock the following lengths: 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch. One of the most popular that we stock is our 22 inch hair extensions range. This is the perfect length that falls over half way down your back and is instantly noticeable to anyone who sees your hair.

This length is not always used just to add more length, it can sometimes just be used for girls who already have very long hair but just want to add additional volume.

We have recently added to our range our 80 piece set of 22 inch hair extensions. This has become very popular as many girls want extremely thick hair. We even sell to some girls who will order up to 120 pieces to get their desired look.

There are many other hair extension companies who are on the Australian market and also sell this length. It is vital to be very careful and do your research on who you actually buy hair extensions off. As not everybody has good quality Remi hair and some suppliers are based in China.

Human Hair Extensions Online is a premium supplier who’s supplied the Australian public for the last 5 1/2 years and has gained a lot of popularity in our time so far.

We are constantly bringing new technologies and new products to keep up with friends and to keep our clients happy. We also have our colours altered from time to time like making the #60 White Blonde even lighter to match the hair of girls from the Gold Coast!

If you are unsure which length is going to be best suited for you I would recommend 22 inch hair extensions as if it is a little too long you can always trim the tips. But I can guarantee that once installed you will not want to chop any of it off.

We have had a lot of satisfied customers over the years. If you want to read some of our happy clients reviews on our products just go to our “Happy Customers’ tab.

We also have our Colour Matching Service to assist you get the right tone for your hair. For any other questions you can always call our friendly customer service team for assistance and we will be happy to serve you.

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