It is no secret that every woman desires and dreams of having that long and luscious hair. Whether that it came naturally through genetics or with the help of human hair extensions, the added length can be achieved and can help boost that confidence. With every new year and season, different hairstyles are being introduced and in this article, we will share with you the 2021 Long Hair Upcoming Hairstyle Trends.

70s Feathery Vibe 

2021 is bringing back this retro vibe with this 70’s soft and feathery long hair cut. In the 70s girls and women loved wearing the same hairstyles. The long cut style comes with a subtle feathery flair, giving that fluffy look. To make the look sexier, part the hair in the middle with soft waves that will help add more texture and body to your hair.

Long & Layered Cut

This look never goes out of style! And you will never go wrong with this look no matter what the season is or whatever your OOTD is. This long and layered hair look was popularly seen on Jeniffer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston. And this 2021, this style is taking center stage once again! To reinvent this look, add some texture by adding big waves or soft curls, and highlights to accentuate the layering and your hair length.

Big and Bouncy Waves

Whether you have been blessed with naturally curly hair or not, the year 2021 puts the tiny and dense hair waves or curls as a fabulous look and a choice for your long mane. Big and bouncy waves will surely give you that bold and seductive look, plus making your hair big and looking voluminous.

Curtain Bangs

In case you are not aware, curtain bangs have been around and even when we were kids, we all had that one point in life that we had “bangs” on. Curtain bangs are another retro hairstyle that looks good on long layered hair. If you don’t have long hair right now, well, we have a quick fix for you. You can shop for 100% human hair tape extensions Sydney brands and get that dream hair length instantly and pair it with a curtain bangs.

Highlights and Lowlights

We know this is not a style decades ago, but the highlights and lowlights are a timeless hair statement that you can wear no matter what year it is. Nowadays, many women go problematic about their hair looking too thin and flat. Luckily, with this hairstyle, those dull looking hair can finally look revived and thicker. Highlights and lowlights help add depth to one’s hair. And that is exactly the reason why most celebrities are so in love with this style. And of course, lowlights and highlights are popular on Instagrams #hairspiration. 

Don’t want to get some dye on your hair? You can always check out remy hair extensions as an alternative to adding that accent colour to your hair.

If you’ve got some 2021 Hair Trends that you’d like to share with us, please feel free to send us an email at and make sure to try some of the above recommendations to rock your 2021 fashion.