Prom Night! Every senior’s dream night.  A night filled with fun moments and memories that you will forever cherish.

While prom night or graduation night is “the night” to remember, it can also be one of the most intimidating moments as every senior girl would want things to go perfectly as planned. Prom makes you think about a lot of things like your prom dress and motif, your prom date, hair and makeup, the limo, afterparty plans, and the list goes on and on!

Well babe, consider yourself lucky as we are here to remind you that prom does not need to be a stressful preparation and remember that making the most of the prom night with your best friends is all you need. Of course, prancing on the dance floor with that gorgeous prom hair to complete your look may also come handy.



Since prom night has been made synonymous with lusciously long and voluminous hair, HHEO Hair Extension is here to help you pull off that perfect night easily! Getting the best human hair extensions Sydney brand for your prom night is crucial and can definitely make a huge difference in your final look.100% Remy human hair guarantees flawless blend that it’s so inconspicuous that no one can even tell you’re wearing extensions. One of the popularly used hair extensions on special events like proms is clip-in hair extensions as they are quick and easy to install and remove, without having to call for your hairdresser’s help!

Check out our favourite 2020 Prom Queen Hairstyles to Try and let’s make that dream prom night a lifetime favourite memory.


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Of course, prom night is your best chance to feel pretty in that dream prom dress babe. And you deserve it! Now, if you’ve got elaborate details on your dress, we wouldn’t want to overshadow that beautiful dress with elaborate hair, yeah? So keep it sweet and simple with this side-swept hair. Simply part your hair, with one side having more hair, curl the ends of your hair then gather the side with less hair by clipping on golden clips with pearls or faux diamond pieces to make that simple loose curls extra special without looking overpowering. 

To make your hair fuller-looking, get a full head tape-in extension installed days to at least a week before your prom night.


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It does not matter if you’ve got a plain dress for prom or a less intricately designed dress for that night. You can stand out with a literal star-studded hair. Of course, you can use other designs like diamond stud clips and scatter it all over your head. But first, you may want to brush your hair and hair extensions and clip in some weft of clip extensions. Create soft curls with a curling wand or hair iron. Gather the hair around your crown area and bring it to the back creating a wide dinosaur hairstyle. Secure the dinosaur part of your hair with bobby pins, then start clipping on your hair accents all over.


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Name one celebrity who is known for this signature high ponytail look…. Ariana Grande! For sure you all thought of that sweet babe. Although high ponytail has been around for years, it took its highest hit when made popular by the young pop star Ariana. High ponytail is an excellent hairstyle if you want to keep it sleek and simple while rocking that fabulous cocktail dress and high heels.

Simply gather your hair into a high ponytail, tie it with an elastic and grab a ponytail hair extensions and wrap it around your natural hair ponytail. This will give you that extra length and amp! You may also choose to curl the ends of your ponytail if you want to add some flair or just keep it straight and simple.


Traditionally, we’d go for bun styles which is a timeless hairstyle by the way, but it’s the year 2020 and you got to try playing with your hair and more hairstyles babe! Prom night is your best chance to try on a new hairstyle, and who knows, you might just discover the hairstyle that would look better on you than your usual styles right?

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