There are two reasons why shampooing everyday is a bad idea–it dries all strands and removes oils that help soften the strands naturally. When locks are no longer soft, they will no longer look good regardless of the Human Hair Extensions Online products that will be placed on them. Fortunately, something can be done to compensate for the oil loss.

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The first thing you need to do is to change your washing habit. Instead of shampooing each day, just wash your locks with shampoo a few days a week. When doing this, make sure that you 1. use warm water (not hard or hot water), 2. condition the strands with natural oils, and 3. brush gently.

Washing: some tips you need to know

1. Shampoo your locks.
When shampooing, make sure to use warm water and that you work strands into a lather. After evenly applying shampoo on all strands, comb the strands gently, then rinse out all the shampoo from your head.

2. Never over-wash the strands.
Over-washing your locks removes the natural oil that keeps them smooth, soft, and shiny. Although conditioner application can help in replenishing this oil, you are better off not removing that oil in the first place.

To ensure the even spread of oil across each strand, make sure to brush your locks using a clean brush. If locks have a rough texture or are curly, brush them wet.

3. Buy a shower head filter.
Shower head filters can be purchased from a hardware store. These products filter out chlorine and certain minerals from water so that each time you shower, your skin and locks become healthier as a result.

4. Combat hard water by using water softeners.
Get a tablespoon of water softener and dilute it in a cup filled with warm water. Use the mixture to rinse shampoo from your head. Doing so should rid locks of residue from dirt and products like shampoos and make each strand squeaky clean afterwards.

Conditioning: some things you should know
1. Diligently use conditioner.
Always apply conditioner after shampooing to keep the strands smooth. When washing, avoid washing out the conditioner completely. Just leave traces of conditioner on the strands so they will feel and appear smooth as long as they are wet.

2. Use oil once a week or more to keep the strands nourished and healthy. The best way to apply oil is by misting your head, massaging it, then thoroughly washing the oil away.

3. Never use heat-producing styling tools such as curling wands and flat irons. Heat burns strands, and when they do get burned, they become dull and brittle. While split ends caused by heat damage can be fixed with argan oil, a trim is the only way to remove them completely.

4. Hairspray hardens and highlights cause drying. You are definitely better off keeping them away from your head.

Drying and brushing: some things you should know
1. Gently dab moisture from the strands with a towel. Rubbing your head can cause damage and split ends.

2. Blow-dry the strands sparingly, and never do so for more than a few minutes. While blow-drying helps make locks softer, doing it everyday may burn the strands and create split ends.

3. When brushing, consider the use of a wooden brush in place of a plastic brush. Wood brushes can distribute natural oils across all strands evenly, thus helping to ensure that they stay as soft and shiny as the natural 20 inch hair extensions you want placed on your head.


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