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Wearing clip ins can get a little tricky sometimes. Although the clip in method is the easiest among other hair extension application methods but most girls find it hard to fully hide the clips especially when done without the aide of an expert. The ultimate rule to wearing extensions is that they should look totally unrecognizable and should appear like your own natural locks. However, even without professional help, you can still apply them on your own without too much hassle by following just a few tricks on how to properly install and seamlessly blend your clip extensions with your own natural tresses. Find out these tricks below and be ready to look totally fabulous  with your 20 inch clip in hair extensions.

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l. Detangle before clipping
Before you start clipping the wefts in, make it a point to detangle your tresses first. Run a brush or comb through your locks to smooth them out and free them from any tangles. The application process will be much easier when you start off with this step.

2. During the installation make sure to create a firm base for your wefts
A hair extension slip out is probably one of our worst nightmares. In order to prevent  such, you need to make a solid, thick and strong base where you will be clipping in the weft. To create this base, tease the roots of your strands to which you will be placing and securing the weft.  

3. Locate your “safe zone”
Your safe zone is the place or area on head where you can position the clips so that they remain unseen. Identifying where your safe zone is is highly important in the installation process. If you have fine strands, the zone could be anywhere under the line of your brows. Try drawing an imaginary line and place them anywhere below it to make sure that they aren’t peeking through the strands. Take note that it is not necessary to use all the wefts.

4. Tease at the crown
To seamlessly blend your extensions, it is recommended that you tease your strands near the crown of your head. Right after you have attached all the clip ins, it may appear that your tresses are thicker at the bottom than at the top. But you don’t have to worry about that, that’s just normal. To seamlessly blend your extensions with the rest of your tresses and create a more natural look, you just have to do a little bit of teasing to add volume to your strands so that they match the rest of your locks. You will totally love the end result.  

5. Consider adding layers
If your natural locks are layered, then it would be best to get your extensions layered as well preferably  by a professional. When you finally decide to have them cut, make sure to wear them during the cut.

6. Don’t be afraid to style
It would be a great advantage if you’re using 100% remy human hair extensions because you can certainly style them the way you want and treat them just like your own natural locks. You can try a straight, wavy or curled hairstyle, it depends on what look you want to achieve and what hairstyle would best match your outfit and personal preference.