Look absolutely divine anytime anywhere with our 20” hair extensions. I would highly recommend our most popular method- tape hair extensions. You can enjoy the hair as they are very comfortable and easy to keep. In addition, it lies flat on your head so they are basically inconspicuous. They are quick to install which usually last between 30 minutes to an hour. You have a lot of options here in terms of colours as we have an extensive range of irrisistible hues.

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We can’t seem to get enough of celeb-worthy hairstyle. Every day is exciting as yesterday and the day after. We just can’t help but try to mimic their looks from short to long hair. But how is it possible to have bob hair turn to a long, wavy style the next? It’s no secret that celebrity stars use hair extensions to achieve this drastic change.

Anything is possible in hollywood, from make up, costume and even haistyle is not an exception. Celebrity’s secret to achieving lust-worthy locks is faux hair. While it can be made from synthetic or real hair, they can do an amazing job in creating a whole new look in just a few minutes. So here are some few hairstyle you could do with 20” hair extensions that are simple but gorgeous all the same.

braid in a bun

Braid in a bun

Braid both sides by separating a portion of hair on both sides. Then gather all your hair including the 2 side braids and twirl into a bun, pin to keep in place. Great for work and evening out.

triple braided bun

Triple braided bun

Separate hair into 3 sections and braid each portion. Twist the center and pin. Circle the right braid around the bun and pin. Do the same thing to the left side and pin. And viola! you now have a triple braided bun.

messy updo with a twist

Messy updo with a twist

Instead of a regular effortless updo why not add a twist to it. Add strands of bright colored highlights to give emphasis to your hair. A perfect hairstyle to accentaute any ocassions.

Center-parted style

Center-parted hairstyles

A staple red-carpet hairstyle that will never go out of style. Its simple yet totally provocative. It is a very versatile coiffure that is both apporpriate for both day and night look. Amplify it with a set of 20” hair extensions, they sure make your locks breathtaking.

alluring half updo hairstyle

Alluring Half updo

There are a lot of exciting ways to do this style. One is you gather a portion of hair at both sides, leaving a few strands and bring it at behind and pin it at the center. Another is separate a section on top of your hair, tease it to give it more volume spray on hair as appropriate and tie it with an elastic band. Third is to twist hair at the sides and pin it at back, this can be done center-parted or side.

Now styles are endless, it doesn’t end here. It’s entirely up to you to experiment and try out different technique and see which ones works best for you. One thing for sure though, installing a 20” hair extensions would make any simple style impressive.