18 hair extensions is a popular search term that is missing the inch (“) symbol. It actually should say 18 inch hair extensions (18”) . This is a hair extension length that is quite popular, it’s not as sought after as length like 20 inch or 22 inch. It really depends on your clientele or area you live in and what you are trying to achieve.

It’s still quite a long length, it is 46 centimeters. We only stock this length in our tape hair extension range. It is probably our third most popular length. In our 18 hair extensions range we have a total of 13 different colors consisting of #1 Jet Black, #1b Natural Black, #2 Dark Brown, #4 Medium Brown, #6 Golden Brown, #18 Honey Blonde, #22 Natural Blonde, #24 Golden Blonde, #27 Strawberry Blonde, #60 White Blonde, which is also known as Ash or Platinum Blonde, and #613 Lightest Blonde—which is very similar to #60; but it has golden tone which is generally referred to on a level chart as a 12.3 in Wella colors, 9.3 in L’ Oreal or 12bg with Goldwell.

18 hair extensions will approximately reach halfway down your back depending on how tall you are. If you wanted to achieve a more natural blended highlighted look, you could buy several colors and place the extensions back to back; which will basically achieve a natural look of mixed colors.

The most popular out of our 18 inch will be our #60 Platinum Blonde, #613 beach blonde, #4 Chestnut Brown and our #2 Dark Brown. These are obviously just more common hair colors. The #60 can be colored pink, blue, red, green or whatever color you want. I figure that’s another reason why it’s quite popular.

18 hair extensions in Australia are a great option if you don’t want extremely long hair. In Europe, 18 hair extensions is the most popular length on the market. I guess what celebrities are wearing really influences this, or what people essentially want to look like. If you’re not sure if 18 hair extension is right for you feel free to contact our customer support on 1300 489 337. Also, if you’d like, you can email a photo on our colour match service page and we will help you choose your appropriate length and color to suit your hair type.