Clip on hair extensions are among the most prominent type of extensions available in the market due to how easy they are to apply. Compared to other extension application methods, this is the easiest and anyone can pretty much do it on their own without the need to call for an expert. If you’re looking for a set of premium quality 16 inch clip on extension, you can certainly get that at Human Hair Extensions Online. We are Australia’s leading online hair extension shop who offers only the best extensions made of 100% remy human hair. We offer them in a variety of lengths and colours.. Aside from 16 inch extensions, we have 18, 20, 22 and 24 inch extensions, feel free to choose which among them would best fit you needs.

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Have you ever been into that situation where you have already found the perfect outfit for the party you’re going to attend in the next few days but don’t think your short hair is going to do it any justice at all? You never have to worry about a thing because you can easily solve that with the help of clip in extensions. A set of clip in or clip on extension is a quick, easy and non-permanent solution to short hair problems. Even if you’re in a rush for a party, you can still have that long, voluminous, lovely locks in a matter of minutes with the help of clip in extensions. Want to know the simple tricks to applying clip ins the proper way? Read on to find out.


1. Prepare everything you need
Before you start clipping those extensions into your hair, make sure first that you have already prepared all the necessary materials to avoid any delays and hassle. When you install a clip on extension, you need to have a set of clip in extensions, a tail comb, hair brush, mini elastic bands and hair clips.

2. Match the texture of your natural hair to your extensions
Once you’re done preparing the things you need, proceed to washing and styling your natural locks to match it with your extension. Consider washing your extensions as well since most of them are coated with extra glossy finish that would make them noticeable once you attach them your hair. Only use a gentle sulphate free moisturising shampoo. Don’t forget apply conditioner afterwards.

3. Group the wefts
Take out the wefts and group those with the same number of clips. Group together wefts that have four clips and then make another group for those with three clips, and so on. Carefully lay them on top of the table or hang them so that you can easily get them by the time you start installing the wefts one by one.

4. Separate your hair into two sections
Part your hair into upper and lower sections using a tail comb. Start at your left temple, create a straight line until you reach your right temple. Then, secure the upper portion with a clip. If you have fine or super straight hair, tease it first at the bottom using a fine-toothed comb. Doing so helps keep the clips from slipping out.

5. Attach the wefts
Choose the weft that perfectly fits to that certain section of your hair. Most likely you will start with a three clip or perhaps a two clip weft. Be sure to keep the clips open. With the help of mini elastic bands, make two sections of your hair with the same distance as the clips attached to the weft. The rubber elastic bands secure the clips and prevent slippage. Gently place the wefts one at a time securing each clip onto the elastic band. Push it down and then carefully press it on your scalp and then clip it. You will hear a tiny snap which indicates that the clips are securely attached. About a half inch above the first attached weft, part a new section of your hair and then do then follow the same steps you did with the first weft. Make sure to always pick the appropriate weft size that best fits that certain section of your head.

6. Smoothen out hair
Once you’re done, take down the rest of your tresses. Don’t forget to smoothen it out with your fingers or a brush then style it as desired.